A few minutes with ... Kenny Vaccaro

Associated Press photo by Gerald HerbertSaints strong safety Kenny Vaccaro
Associated Press photo by Gerald HerbertSaints strong safety Kenny Vaccaro

Safety Kenny Vaccaro, the Saints’ first-round draft pick, talks about signing early, his goofiest teammate and what he did this summer:

The Advocate: You were the first first-round draft pick to sign. Any particular significance to that?

Kenny Vaccaro: I told my agent to do that. I just said I wanted to play football. With the new collective bargaining agreement, everything is slotted. So what are we negotiating? Just get me signed and let me play.

TA: You’ve got the biggest selection of tattoos this side of Colin Kaepernick. Any new ones since minicamp?

KV: I got a ball hawk on my back and made a video of it, but that was during the draft process. I’m starting to run out of room. I’m never going to go on my neck, so I’m probably done. I thought about all of them a lot.

TA: Texas had some down years when you were there, but folks are predicting a big rebound for the Longhorns this season. Do you agree?

KV: The defense was so bad last year, I don’t think it can get any worse. Those guys are going to get it together. Everybody thought we had a terrible season, but we were a quiet 9-4 and could have easily been 11-2.

TA: Who’s your goofiest teammate?

KV: Junior Galette. He’s just hilarious with that New York accent. He cracks me up and I love him to death.

TA: You can play any position in the secondary. Is there one you favor or think you’re better at right now?

KV: The way (defensive coordinator) Rob Ryan has us playing, I’ll play any position. It’s the same thing I did in college.

TA: What was the most fun thing you did this summer?

KV: I bought a boat, so I was always out on Lake Austin.

Ted Lewis