BR Symphony Orchestra names new board members and Officers at Annual General Meeting


At the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra’s annual meeting, Board Chair John D’Angelo welcomed and thanked current, new and retiring board members, as well as donors and musicians for their commitment and patronage.

Symphony Chorus President Gregory Oivanki awarded “Outstanding Chorus Member of the Year” awards to Rosemary Peters, a chorus member since 2007 and Richard T. Speyrer, member since 1997.

Lynn Lastrapes, outgoing Chair of the Education Committee, introduced new Director of Education, Jessica Ottaviano.

Music Director Timothy Muffitt opened his remarks with the statement, “This 2012-2013 season was the greatest season the BRSO has ever had!” He expressed his excitement and pride for the commercial recording the BRSO released internationally this year, showing a Gramophone Magazine headline, proving the good reviews and press coverage. The recording has now aired in all 50 states.

Parting gifts were presented to members retiring from the board of directors by Executive Director Alan Hopper, D’Angelo and Muffitt. Retiring members are Cindy Bloch, Edward Borie, James George, Abba Kastin, Alice Kronenberger, Todd Ledet, Fred Loy and Betty Schwartzberg.

The annual Edith Kirkpatrick Arts Leadership Award was presented to Dot Craig, in recognition of her lifelong commitment to the arts, her vision and years of dedicated service for the arts in the community and extraordinary contribution to the quality of musical life in Baton Rouge.

As a finale to the meeting, the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra Governance Committee submitted its nominations for new board officers and members, which were unanimously approved.

The officers are D’Angelo, chair; Judi George, chair-elect; Wei-Ling Song, treasurer; Gwen Redding, secretary; and Barbara Matens, intermediate past chair.

Board members starting a three-year term are Deborah Todd, Deborah Lamb and Scott Gaudin. Board members starting a second three year-term are D’Angelo, Kelly Hurtado, Cindy Hallam, Deidra Jackson, Meredith Hathorn and Richard Williams.

Ex officio members are Craig Heinzen, orchestra; Greg Oivanki, chorus president; Kristina Smallhorn, Youth Orchestra president; Louann Bombet , League president, Cheryl Callerame, League vice president; Laurence Kaptain, dean of the LSU College of Music and Dramatic Arts; Stephen Beck, chair, LSU School of Music; Joyce O’Rourke, dean, Southern University; and Sally Herman, St Francisville Symphony Association.

Continuing board members are Jan Attinger, Kathy Baker, Sherry Barron, Sandy Breland, Mae Calvin-Belton, Leslie Campbell, Robert Casey, Russ Chapman, Cynthia Chemay, Christopher D’Elia, John Dunlap, Lamar Drummond, Judith George, Lynn Lastrapes, Carole Marshall, Barbara Matens, Slater McKay, Jeff Mills, Carolyn Moore, Janice Pellar, Jeanette Rackley, Denise Rankin, Gwen Redding, Lois Say, Harvey Schwartzberg, Bill Shea, Wei-Ling Song, Diane Tate, Yolunda Taylor, Edgardo Tenreiro, Robert Westerman and Michael Williams.

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra