Letter: Libraries a big waste of money

I was relaxing with The Advocate and my first cup of coffee Sunday morning June 23. I came across the article regarding the EBR Library budget, and couldn’t believe the numbers I was seeing.

An annual budget of $45.4 million. Doing some quick math, and assuming 20 percent of every man, woman and child in EBR use the library, this comes out to more than $500 per user. We could provide each person with 20 new books, every year, to keep (assuming $25/book). A few more points:

I realize there are costs for infrastructure maintenance, etc., but, overall this looks like a classic example of government wasting our tax dollars.

I recommend that property owners look at the line item for the EBR Library on their property tax assessments. Go ahead, you’ll be amazed. Oh, and when that millage renewal comes up for a vote in 2015, let’s say NO for a change.

Michael Coyle

electric power engineer (ret.)

Baton Rouge