By Sheldon Mickles

Advocate sportswriter

The player is former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Roy
The player is former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Roy "Moonie" Winston (#60).


Running back, LSU

Bengals (XVI)

“I remember just getting the opportunity to go and be exposed to the Super Bowl environment and all of the things that go along with it. It was a great opportunity for me. But as far as the game is concerned, there weren’t too many great memories.”


Defensive end, Louisiana Tech

49ers (XVI, XIX)

“We started the Miami game (Super Bowl XIX) in a 3-4 defense and, on one of the first plays, I slanted inside and the running back ran right into my face. To me, that set the tempo of the game from the start. From then on, the day was beautiful.”


Quarterback, UL-Lafayette

Panthers (XXXVIII)

“Coming out of the tunnel, all the cameras were flashing, but the thing I really remember is most of the guys being emotional and crying. I mean, you realize it’s the pinnacle of your football career … and you’re there. After that, it’s a game.”


Cornerback, Southern

Rams (XIV)

“I remember the competitiveness of the game and that we had the lead going to the fourth quarter. I also remember the bigness of the game and the impact it had on people, even back then. It wasn’t as big as it is now, but the media coverage was phenomenal.”


Running back, LSU


“It was the first (Super Bowl) we won. It was in my home state, where I won a state championship at Carencro. It was great being home and experiencing that atmosphere the whole week. I understood what we were there for, but being back in my home state was awesome.”


Running back, San Diego State (New Orleans)


“There’s no greater moment than the clock hitting zeroes and being the winner. I’m not a guy that gets too high or low when something good or bad happens; it’s about what I get out of that moment. I enjoyed it, and I was a winner. … I accomplished something I dreamed about.”


Safety, LSU

Giants (XXV)

“I remember Desert Storm, Whitney Houston singing the national anthem, jets flying overhead. You talk about nerves as a young guy; it was just my second year in the NFL. You have nerves but, at the same time, you’re so excited. It was an awesome feeling.”


Long snapper, LSU

Patriots (XXXVIII)

“At the start of the game, Josh Groban sang ‘You Raise Me Up.’ There was so much electricity; it was unlike any environment or arena I’d ever been in. It was a very euphoric moment; it was unmatched, and I don’t know what ever comes close to that.”


Wide receiver, Grambling

Steelers (IX, X)

“We played the first one in New Orleans, about 56 miles from my hometown (Houma), so it was a chance to play close to home. A bunch of guys came down there with me, and we had some home-cooked meals, and we all had a good time.”


Defensive end, LSU

Giants (XXI, XXV)

“In the second Super Bowl, I had the only sack against Jim Kelly, and it knocked them out of field-goal position. In the first game, I sacked John Elway twice, and I remember we sacked him for a safety and four guys were standing over him.”


Defensive tackle, LSU

Bucs (XXVII), Colts (XLI)

“Winning. Real simple — winning, having the confetti come down and the Gatorade poured on you. That’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve got two rings and I never experienced losing, so I don’t know how that would feel. But winning definitely felt good.”


Running back, Tulane

Steelers (XLVIII, XLV)

“I think the fondest memory of the Super Bowl is its entirety, especially when you win. The best way to describe it is like watching a Disney movie and having the red carpet and a lot of people cheering you on. It feels so special. It’s pretty surreal — like an out-of-body experience.”


Wide receiver, Southern

Chiefs (I, IV)

“In the second Super Bowl (in New Orleans), we had a play called ‘51 Pop Go Reverse,’ where I line up on the right flank and come back around to the left side. I gained a couple of yards on it, and then I broke loose and had an opportunity to score on it.”


Quarterback, Colorado (Marrero)

Steelers (XXX)

“We played against the Dallas Cowboys, who were a Steelers rival, a rivalry-type game since the beginning of time. That in itself was great — not just being in the Super Bowl, but playing against the Cowboys and being a Steelers player. That was wonderful.”


Fullback, LSU

Packers (I)

“I think it was just knowing it didn’t matter who we were playing (against an AFL team); we felt confident we were going to go out and perform and execute. If we did that, we could beat anybody because we’d won NFL titles in 1961 and ’62.”


Cornerback/Safety, Southern

Rams (XXXVI)

“I played high school, college and pro games in the Superdome, and I also sold popcorn, peanuts and Cokes in the stadium. It was a long drive from the hotel to the (Superdome) that day because a lot of streets were closed, and I remembered the whole thing.”


Quarterback, Grambling

Redskins (XXII)

“One play that stands out was the touchdown pass when we were down 10-0. That got us back in the game, and the team’s confidence level went up. It was a play we needed at the time. The other memory is walking off the field with my helmet in the air.”


Linebacker, LSU

Vikings (IV, VIII, IX, XI)

“Of course, it was a pleasure to play in New Orleans (in Super Bowls IV and IX), and I was able to get a lot of people to the game. Going to four Super Bowls is a great memory, but it would have been nice to win one of them. But having the career I did, I feel good about it.”