Season’s Beatings at the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium

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Season's Beatings
Season's Beatings

Looking to give an early Christmas gift to friends or loved ones? Take them to live ultimate cage fighting at the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium this Saturday, Dec. 8, for a unique experience.

Felix’s LA Bad Boy Promotions LLC is debuting “Season’s Beatings,” a mixture of amateur and professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fights, for the first time ever at the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium.

“There will be plenty of food and drinks and lots of entertainment that you will not want to miss,” Felix Lipoma, president of Felix’s LA Bad Boy Promotions, said.

Professional MMA fighter and Louisiana Army National Guardsman Thomas Webb (4-0) will defend his undefeated record against Mitchell Hale (5-3), a fighter from Abilene, Texas. Webb is a Baton Rouge native and the head instructor at LA Boxing of Baton Rouge. He is known for his explosive striking abilities and polished ground techniques.

“I am the head instructor and MMA instructor at the Sherwood Forest location of LA Boxing in Baton Rouge,” Webb said. “I have amazing stand-up training partners that are continuously improving my striking abilities. Wrestling used to be my strong point, but now with training at LA Boxing and learning new and unique techniques from my coaches, I have become more well-rounded in MMA.”

Webb has competed in the sport in the middleweight and welterweight divisions in his amateur and professional MMA career. This will be his first fight in the lightweight division.

“I use to fight at 170 pounds or 185 pounds, but I was a little out of shape back then,” Webb said. “Now that I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in fighting, I don’t feel that I have lost anything athletically, but I feel that I have gained more speed and more strength overall.”

Webb is looking for an early finish as he is avid on retaining his status of no loses.

The majority of Hale’s victories are from unanimous decisions, but he is credited for his destructive ground and pound. This fight does have the potential to go the distance if both fighters stay at the same pace in conditioning. However, Webb is favored to win in the first round, which could very much be the ‘Knockout of the Night’.

“Don’t close your eyes when this fight comes up. It will finish fast,” Webb said.

Baton Rouge police officer and professional MMA fighter Rich McCloskey (6-6) will challenge Rock Georges (2-2), who is from Port St. Lucie, Fla. McCloskey is looking to redeem himself after coming off of a losing streak.

“I’ve been working on my conditioning and sparring since my last loss,” McCloskey said. “I am looking to stand up and strike for this fight – I’d love nothing more than a knockout.”

Georges trains under UFC veteran Din Thomas at American Top Team Treasure Coast. ATT is known for its strength and conditioning, as well as being a superb Brazilian jiu jitsu training camp.

“My strengths are Brazilian jiu jitsu with a strong background in wrestling and takedowns,” Georges said. “Rock is bringing the heat to Richie and to Baton Rouge.”

This will be a test for Georges as he goes up against hometown favorite McCloskey, who will be looking for a knockout victory in front of his friends and family. McCloskey will need to watch out for tricky takedown submission attempts from Georges as he is quick in his wrestling skills.

Featured fights of the night will also be two championship title fights in the 135-pound and 155-pound weight divisions. Also highlighted is the female bout between Devany Clayton from Lake Charles and Emmy Wheeler, a fighter from Natchez, Miss.

Advanced general admission tickets are $20. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or call 225-571-4141.