Can movies, Christianity combine for great effect?


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In the early months of each year, people’s thoughts turn to the awards proclaiming the best movies of the previous year.

In churches, sometimes there are complaints that movies don’t offer themes attractive to or appropriate for Christians.

So how does one go about making a Christian film?

First, one has to decide what a Christian film is.

In an article written for Associated Baptist Press, Robert Dilday talked with people who said there is a problem with defining the term “Christian film.”

People in his article listed some reasons:

Current movies

One way Christians are finding movies is to make them. Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., has released several including the 2011 “Courageous,” which tells the story of four policemen who, after a tragedy, struggle with faith and their roles in their families.

However, in a second story, Dilday mentions two movies that won Oscars and another that was nominated for three Oscars as suggestions of current movies filled with Christian themes.

“The Tree of Life” stars Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. It traces a Texas family from the 1950s as a son deals with the loss of innocence and the roles of life and faith.

“The Help” is set in the civil rights movement of the 1960s and looks at the lives of the black women who take care of white families.

“The Descendants” stars George Clooney as a father traveling with his daughters while his wife is on life support from a boating accident.

What’s your thought?

Dilday’s articles list other movies that people found to have Christian themes. Visit and to see their suggestions.

Then let me know what you think. Questions you may want to consider:

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