UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem

UFC 141
UFC 141

On Friday, Dec. 30, the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) will welcome back Brock Lesnar, one of their top Pay-Per-View (PPV) draws at UFC 141. Even though Lesnar has been out fighting a second bout of Diverticulitis, he will be facing former Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem when he returns to the Octagon. This will be Overeem’s UFC debut and possibly Lesnar toughest opponent to date.

The main card will be shown live on PPV, while the undercard will feature two bouts live on network cable TV and the rest of the undercard for free on facebook.com/ufc.

Main Event:

Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem

Brock Lesnar – Webster, S.D., 6-3, 265 pounds, 5-2-0, Former heavyweight champion

Alistair Overeem – London, England, 6-5, 265 pounds, 35-11-1, Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion

If heavyweights are your thing, then you will have a supersize helping of them this Friday night in the main event. These behemoths will both be pushing the 265-pound mark to the limit at weigh-in on Thursday night. Even though they are very similar in stature, they couldn’t be any further apart in style. Overeem is a world-class kickboxer, while Lesnar is a world-class wrestler. Neither fighter has the skill set to match the other, so look for this fight not to come down to a decision. If Lesnar get’s the takedown, it won’t be pretty.

If Overeem can keep it standing, however, Lesnar will be in trouble. Overeem does have some submission skills, but he wants no part of being on his back against Lesnar.

Overeem by TKO (Strikes)

Main Card:

Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone

Nate Diaz – Stockton, Calif, 6-0, 155 pounds, 14-7-0 (The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 winner)

Donald Cerrone – Colorado Springs, Colo., 6-0 155 pounds, 17-3-0

Two of the most respected lightweight contenders face off this Friday night and each will be looking to climb the ladder to a title shot. These two fighters have won a combined total of 10 “Fight of the Night” awards, so this will be a very exciting bout.

Cerrone by Unanimous Decision

Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks

Jon Fitch – Fort Wayne, Ind., 6-0, 170 pounds, 26-3-1

Johny Hendricks – Ada, Okla., 5-9, 170 pounds, 11-1-0

Jon Fitch looks to shake the monkey off his back this Friday night by actually finishing a fight before it goes to a decision. Because Fitch holds the record for the most wins by decision, many fans feel that he single-handedly coined the phrase “lay-n-pray.”

With that said, Johny Hendricks can match Fitch’s wrestling ability. A two-time national championship wrestler at Oklahoma State University, Hendricks is also very well rounded on his feet. In fact, Hendricks has won a “Fight of the Night” award and a “Knockout of the night” award to add to his resume.

Hendricks will hopefully bring out the very best in Fitch Friday night.

Hendricks by Submission (Guillotine)

Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Vladimir Matyushenko – Retchisa, Belarus, 6-0, 205 pounds, 26-5-0

Alexander Gustafsson – Stockholm, Sweden, 6-5, 205 pounds, 12-1-0

Matyushenko by TKO (Strikes)

Nam Pham vs. Jimy Hettes

Nam Pham – Westminster, Calif., 5-6, 145 pounds, 17-10-0

Jimy Hettes – Kingston, Pa., 5-9, 145 pounds, 9-0-0

Hettes by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)


Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assuncao

Pearson by Unanimous Decision

Anthony Njokuani vs. Danny Castillo

Castillo by Unanimous Decision

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Sean Pierson

Kim by Unanimous Decision

Jacob Volkmann vs. Efrain Escudero

Escudero by Unanimous Decision

Matthew Riddle vs. Luis Ramos

Riddle by Knockout

Manny Gamburyan vs. Diego Nunes

Gamburyan by Unanimous Decision