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Jennifer Brown Executive News Editor 225.383.0656
Rebekah Allen News Reporter 225.388.0099
Smiley Anders News Columnist 225.388.0639
Adrian Angelette Assistant Metro Editor 225.388.0307
Christine Arceneaux Livingston-Tangipahoa Editor 225.336.6972
Chris Baughman Online Content Editor 225.388.0282
Timothy Boone News Business Writer 225.388.0357
Ryan Broussard News Intern Reporter 225.388.0644
Richard Burgess Acadiana Bureau Chief 225.383.1111
Charles Chauff News Page Designer 225.388.0469
Ellyn Couvillion News Reporter 225.388.0180
Andrea Daniel News Copy Editor 225.388.0373
Sandy Davis Assitant Metro Editor 225.388.0299
Linda De Rosa News Page Designer 225.388.0332
Darlene Denstorff Ascension Editor 225.603.1998
Ken Duhe Online News Editor 225.388.0656
Marla Elsea News Copy Editor 225.388.0465
Kevin Fambrough News Copy Editor 225.388.0377
Vicki FerstelNight Metro Editor 225.388.0641
Greg Garland Assistant Metro editor 225.388.0309
Kay Gervais Assistant Copy Manager 225.388.0649
John Gipson News Graphics 225.383.0111
Ted Griggs News Business Writer 225.388.0671
Dianne Guidry Executive Assistant 225.388.0283
Billy Gunn News Reporter 225.388.0572
Joe Gyan News Reporter 225.388.0339
Roxanne Hare News Copy Editor 225.388.0442
Danny Heitman Editorial Page Editor 225.388.0295
Terry Jones News Reporter 225.326.6627
Lanny Keller Editorial Writer 225.388.0260
Heidi Kinchen News Reporter 225.383.0111
Bobby Lamb Business Editor 225.388.0350
Lauren Langlois News Aide 225.383.0111
Bill Lodge News Reporter 225.388.0311
Charles Lussier News Reporter 225.388.0331
Laura Maggi Metro Editor 225.386.6954
Jay Martin News/Graphics 225.388.0631
Ruth McClure News Copy Editor 225.383.0111
David Mitchell News Reporter 225.336.6961
James Mustian News Reporter 225.388.0368
Leila Pitchford-English News/Graphics 225.383.1111
Terry Robinson News Copy Editor 225.383.0238
Paul Sandau News/Graphics 225.388.0326
Marsha Sills News Reporter 225.388.0574
William Taylor Online Content Editor 225.388.0374
Lori Tucker News Copy Editor 225.383.1111
Benjamin Wallace News Intern Reporter 225.383.0111
Paul Walters Online Content Editor 225.388.0655
Edie White News Copy Editor 225.388.0312
David Williams Online Content Editor 225.383.1111
Amy Wold News Reporter 225.388.0320
Phil Womack News Copy Editor 225.388.0647
Mark Ballard CNB Editor 225.342.7279
Will Sentell CNB Reporter 225.342.7279
Marsha Shuler CNB Reporter 225.342.7279
Joseph Schiefelbein Executive Sports Editor 225.388.0321
Lawrence Barreca Sports Clerk 225.383.0111
Dominic Baudoin Sports Copy Editor 225.388.0556
Rob DeArmond Sports Copy Editor 225.388.0642
Les East Sports Reporter 225.388.0325
Gary English Sports Copy Editor 225.388.0428
Robin Fambrough Sports Reporter 225.388.0412
Pierce Huff Sports Online Editor 225.388.0506
Perryn Keys Assistant Sports Editor 225.388.0409
Gerald Labat Sports Clerk 225.383.0111
Joe Macaluso Outdoors Reporter 225.388.0293
Sheldon Mickles Sports Reporter 225.388.0768
Roy Mongrue Sports Clerk 225.383.0111
Michael Petre Sports Copy Editor 225.388.0466
Scott Rabalais Sports Columnist 225.388.0441
Jared Robinson Sports Clerk 225.383.0111
Alex Songe Sports Copy Editor 225.388.0406
Karen Martin Features Editor 225.388.0378
Judy Bergeron Assistant Features Editor 225.388.0661
Pam Bordelon Advocate Staff Writer 225.388.0335
Beth Colvin Assistant Features Editor 225.388.0317
Robin Miller Advocate Staff Writer 225.388.0623
George Morris Advocate Staff Writer 225.388.0628
Kyle Peveto Advocate staff writer 225.388.0319
Cheramie Sonnier Food Editor 225.388.0463
John Wirt Advocate Staff Writer 225.388.0665
John Ballance Photography Manager 225.388.0680
Patrick Dennis Photographer 225.388.0711
Michael Dunlap Photo Editor 225.388.0707
William Feig Photographer 225.388.0713
Richard Alan Hannon Photographer 225.388.0708
Heather McClelland Photo Journalist 225.336.6955
Kevin McQuarn Videographer 225.388.0615
Hilary Scheinuk Photo Intern
Travis Spradling Photographer 225.388.0668
Bryan Tuck Photographer 225.388.0575
Sheila Runnels Advertising Vice President 225.388.0254
Carlene Callow Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0364
Matthew Campanella Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0258
Don Cassano Major Accounts Representative 225.388.0249
Deborah Cesario Layout Coordinator 225.388.0621
Tiffani Debetaz Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0263
Paul Demouy Multi-Media Sales Consultant (Livingston/Tangipahoa) 225.388.0686
Phillip Dequeant Online Sales Coordinator 225.388.0267
Ellen Ducote Retail Sales Supervisor 225.388.0246
Jason Gele’ Online Sales Manager 225.388.0672
Maybeth Hahn Layout Coordinator 225.388.0259
Tamara Hawkins Sales Assistant 225.388.0622
Lou Hudson Advertising Sales Manager 225.388.0245
Karen Marchand Advertising Assistant 225.388.0603
Ken Marsh Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0740
Betsy McDowell Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0272
John Mouton Multi-Media Sales Consultant 225.388.0749
Lindsay Poole Sales Assistant 225.388.0798
Mary Ray Advertising Executive Assistant 225.388.0244
Connie Settle National Advertising Manager 225.388.0250
Stacy Wilson Layout Supervisor 225.388.0274
Art DeLaTorre Classified Director 225.388.0102
Treosha Blue Inside Sales Consultant 225.388.0107
Shelley Calloni Classified Public Notices 225.388.0128
Anne Crochet Classified Sales Assistant 225.388.0137
Tiffany Davidson Classified Obit Clerk 225.388.0279
Robin Debetaz Classified Outside Sales 225.388.0109
Glenda Druilhet Classified Inside Sales 225.388.0268
Christine Gilliam Classified Inside Sales 225.388.0134
Michelle Guilbault Classified Outside Sales 225.388.0113
Marsha Hebert Multimedia Online Coordinator 225.388.0133
Jay Jackson Outside Sales Manager 225.388.0106
Paulette James Classified Inside Sales 225.388.0379
Etta Jester Classified Center Sales 225.388.0122
Katie Lawson Classified Chief Obituary Clerk 225.388.0235
Melanie Mack Classified Wheels/Real Estate Asst. 225.388.0132
Charles Miller Classified Outside Sales 225.388.0108
Libby Mixon Classified Obit Clerk 225.388.0759
Brittany O'Conner Classified Inside Sales 225.388.0126
Rhonda Price Classified Center Sales 225.388.0135
Sandy Rome Classified Sales Assistant 225.388.0127
Brenda Ross Classified Inside Sales Manager 225.388.0269
Toni Templet Classified Systems Mgr 225.388.0103
Quanda Williams Classified Inside Sales 225.388.0136
Sherry Wilson Multimedia Online Coordinator 225.388.0143
Martha Carr Managing Editor 504.636.7401
Jeff Adelson Reporter 504.636.7416
Chad Calder Reporter 504.636.7418
Edwin Curry New Orleans Assistant 504.636.7400
Sharon Edwards St. Tammany Reporter 985.640.1251
Bruce Eggler Reporter/Night Editor 504.636.7410
Claire Galofaro Reporter 504.636.7436
Stephanie Grace Columnist 504.636.7419
Matthew Hinton Photographer 504.636.7413
Eliot Kamenitz Photographer 504.232.3043
Dan Lawton Freelance 504.451.4064
Ted Lewis Sports Reporter 504.881.6519
Laura Maggi Reporter 504.636.7434
John McCusker Photographer 504.636.7415
Ian McNulty Columnist/Dining 504.636.7412
Danny Monteverde Reporter 504.636.7403
Nell Nolan Columnist/Society 504.636.7407
Sara Pagones St. Tammany Bureau Chief 985.649.5384
Faimon Roberts St. Tammany Reporter 985.264.6231
Gordon Russell Managing Editor, Investigations 504.636.7437
John Simerman Reporter 504.636.7402
Annette Sisco Community News 504.636.7405
Ricky Thompson Reporter 504.636.7406
Andrew Vanacore Reporter 504.636.7431
Ramon Vargas Sports Reporter 504.236.5595
Rod Walker Prep Sports Reporter 504.636.7408
Jaquetta White Reporter 504.636.7404
Sara Barnard Director of Sales/Marketing 504.636.7421
Rebecca Brooks Multimedia Sales Representative 504.636.7417
Yvette Dellucky Multimedia Sales Representative 504.210.6749
Emily Engberg Multimedia Sales Representative 504.636.7422
Nicole Kaitz Multimedia Sales Representative 504.636.7423
Lauren Ruello Marketing Coordinator 504.636.7408
Candace Martin Human Resources Vice President 225.388.0172
Zoe Burmester Staffing 225.388.0170
Jessica Legath Generalist 225.388.0173
Michael J. Wilson Digital Media Vice President 225.388.0190
Ashley Merritt Digital Media Manager 225.388.0710
Erin Michelli Digital Media Web Designer 225.388.0309
Nick Scheurich Digital Media Lead Developer 225.388.0673
Miles Thorpe Digital Media Developer 225.388.0393
Josh Wascom Digital Media Developer 225.388.0169