Smiley: Sweet surprise

Kathleen Sonnier Mier, of Zachary, tells how a random act of kindness happened on impulse:

“Husband Louis and I stopped by the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Baker to get biscuits.

“The young lady sweetly asked, ‘Do you want jelly with that?’

“I said yes and we drove to the payment window.

“Louis turned to me and asked what I thought she’d say if WE offered HER some jelly.

“You see, our back seat was filled with jars of fresh blueberry jelly that Louis made for us to deliver to relatives and friends who live out of town.

“When we reached the payment window, I asked the young lady if she wanted jelly, and reached over and found the prettiest jar.

“I wish you could have seen the puzzled but happy look on this young lady’s face.

“You would have thought we were giving her a piece of gold! She was so appreciative and said no one had ever done something like that at her window!”

A guy thing

Linda Dalferes says, “I just had my youngest grandson over for a visit.

“When I went to say good night, he let out a loud burp.

“I didn’t say anything, but I must have had a funny look on my face because he said, ‘I know, I know, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.’

“He’s 8.”

It’s kräftskiva time!

Jess Walker says, “Here it is August and time for a crawfish (oops, crayfish) party —- that is, if you live in Sweden.

“There, the party is referred to as a kräftskiva, and they serve kräftor (crayfish).

“The parties are a little more embellished (could we say sophisticated) than ours, which require only newspapers to cover the table.

“In Sweden, specially printed napkins, hats, bibs and paper lanterns are needed to make the party complete.

“Of course, there is also aquavit and plenty of it.

“The kräftskiva, one of the most important social events of the year, is usually held outside where mosquitoes are plentiful (one of the reasons for aquavit?).

“Sounds much like a good old springtime crawfish boil in Louisiana, to be sure.”

(My friends who drink tell me that aquavit is a kind of vodka flavored with caraway seeds, and that Dale Repp, when he had Cypress Hollow, the watering hole in the building that now houses Spanish Moon, was known for his aquavit Bloody Marys.)

Sign language

Louis L. Martin tells us more about Comfort, Texas, the town that made Drew Brees mayor for a day:

“Comfort is between Alice, Texas, and Lorraine, Texas.

“A sign in a local motel read ‘Sleep in Comfort between Alice and Lorraine.’ ”

Early riders

Susan Davis says, “With football around the corner, excitement is in the air.

“However, with the stadium now holding 102,000-plus, the thought of parking dampens my enthusiasm.

“How many Tiger fans would be interested in CATS prepaid season bus tickets if the bus(es) left at noon or 1 p.m. rather than three hours prior to kickoff?

“This would allow time to visit campus, attend events, meet up with tailgate groups, etc.

“With a prepaid season bus pass, CATS would have their money upfront whether you showed up or not. (Some of us can’t take the heat all day.)

“I’m just wondering how many would be interested.”

Special People Dept.

Earle Benton, of Denham Springs, celebrated his 91st birthday on Thursday.

Cary Eleser, of Slidell, celebrates his 90th birthday on Tuesday. He is a World War II Navy veteran.

Jack and Mary Cutrer celebrate their 64th anniversary on Tuesday.

Talking banana?

Paul Major says, “On a recent trip, we had the opportunity to spend some quality time in airport terminals — great places for people watching, if nothing else.

“One of the more interesting sights was a little boy walking by on the concourse with his parents.

“Not unusual, you say, but he was carrying a banana — holding it to his ear.

“I guess his parents thought he was a little too young for a cellphone and were looking for a more healthy alternative.”

Which reminds me

Years ago, when the hippie lifestyle was something of a novelty, there was a rash of “hippie jokes.”

One of them told of the guy who’s walking along and sees a hippie with a banana in his ear.

The guy tells him, “Hey man, do you know you have a banana in your ear?”

The hippie replies, “I can’t hear you, man; I’ve got a banana in my ear. …”

Which also reminds me

Two hippies are fishing off a pier and dangling their legs in the water.

One of them says to the other guy, “Hey man, an alligator just bit my leg off.”

“Which one?”

“I don’t know, man; you see one alligator, you seen ’em all. …”

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