Smiley: Leaf it alone

Daphne Crawford offers a classic restroom tale:

“Speaking of powder rooms, at the Austin, Texas, location of The Time Machine restaurant, now closed, the women’s restroom was a real ‘treat.’

“Decorated in gaudy red and gold with a ‘cabaret meets Ancient Greece’ theme, it included a statue of some unnamed Greek god.

“The statue had a hinged gold-colored leaf covering the private area.

“If the leaf was moved in any way, a red light on a wall in the restaurant would light up and a loud bell would sound.

“Women had to spend even more time before exiting the ladies’ room, lest they be accused of being the ‘peeker.’

“I only know about this because of what others did while I was in there! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Wakeup call

Lang Baker adds to our discussion of traffic circles:

“When I was kid in the ’50s, our family visited my grandparents in Texas a couple of times each year.

“I remember one late-night drive back home, as we were driving around the Alexandria roundabout, I woke up my sleeping brother next to me in the back seat to tell him we were almost home.

“I thought we were at the Airline-Florida roundabout — but my parents were not satisfied with my explanation for waking him up.”

Food for thought

Mary Ann Godshall, of Metairie, says comments about Louisiana food “reminded me of an advice column I read some years ago — Dear Abby or Ann Landers.

“The writer explained that she worked in an office with several women who all brought their lunches from home and shared lunchtime together.

“She complained about a woman who had recently started working there, who was always asking everyone what had they brought for lunch and other questions about their food.

“They found this disruptive, intrusive and annoying.

“Abby’s/Ann’s advice was: ‘Gently tell her that this bothers the group and to please stop.’

“My first thought was, ‘that poor woman must be from Louisiana!’

“Doesn’t everyone ask everyone else about their food, cooking, grocery shopping, favorite restaurant, etc. — what’s wrong with that?”

Tailgate missionaries?

Len Sedlin asks for help in introducing a Florida football fan to LSU tailgating:

“I confirmed with a colleague, an Irishman who lives in Florida, his forthcoming trip to Baton Rouge Oct. 10-11. He learned that the LSU-Florida game is Oct. 12, and now plans to stay over for the game.”

He told Len he’d love to get out to the campus, “even if it’s just for the tailgate festival!”

Len answered that while there’s no “tailgate festival” planned for the Florida game, EVERY LSU home game features such great tailgating that it seems a festival is going on.

He describes tailgating as a religion in Baton Rouge, and asks anyone out there “interested in revealing the catechisms and unique secrets of tailgating to a Gator fan” to contact him at (225) 892-1865 to get in contact with his Florida colleague.

Ad nostalgia

Pat Crotty says, “Speaking of New Orleans TV commercials of many years ago, how about,

“Rosenberg’s, Rosenberg’s, 1825 Tulane …”

But Lisa Bernard, who caught New Orleans commercials during her youth in Houma, says the little girl singing the furniture company’s commercial made it sound like “Rosenbug’s, Rosenbug’s, 18chenny5 Tulane.”

Special People Dept.

Elsie Burns Teal celebrates her 98th birthday Wednesday. She was born in Poley before it became part of French Settlement.

Ted Newport, of Shreveport, formerly of Berwick, celebrates his 94th birthday Wednesday. He is a World War II veteran who was a P-51 fighter pilot.

Walt and Velma Beadle Dawson, of Patterson, celebrate their 59th anniversary Wednesday.

Weighty topic

Linda Delferes says, “A friend of mine went out for an afternoon walk with her hubby.

“She told him, ‘I think we ought to start doing this every day to get ready for our class reunion in October. We can go as ‘Biff and Buff.’

“His reply was, ‘More like Biff and Puff, because I’m not doing that.’ ”

Cat scan malfunction

Della Stout says, “When my hubby can’t get an Internet signal in HIS home office, he has learned to just come to MY home office — where there are usually one or more cats lying in front of the router.

“Move cats. Problem solved. Until the next time the sun hits that sweet spot on my desk. Then repeat.”

Scientific breakthrough

Dan Burkhalter, the Carencro Curmudgeon, says he saw this headline (not in The Advocate) on a story about a study out of College Station, Texas:

“Fewer blows to the head would reduce brain damage.”

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