Smiley: An arresting story

Paul Major, of Livonia, says, “I’ve been following the set-to between Judge Janice Clark and the LSU Board of Supervisors regarding the board’s refusal to turn over the entire list of candidates in the search for an LSU president.

“Judge Clark seems to be running out of patience, threatening to possibly jail the board members for noncompliance.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a ‘perp walk’ on the evening news of all of the members of the board?

“Think that might make the national news?”

After the feast

Evidence that some of the best food anywhere can be found in the Opelousas area was presented Monday at Soirée Royale, a cooking contest sponsored by the Opelousas-St. Landry Chamber of Commerce.

As a judge, it was my duty to work my way through such dishes as pork loin stuffed with boudin, tasso and sausage jambalaya and seared scallops with a sweet potato purée, vanilla truffle butter and caviar garnish.

It was tough, but it was for a good cause …

I judged meat and seafood, and the winning meat dish was wild boar stuffed with rabbit boudin by Ernest Prejean of Prejean’s Restaurant in Lafayette. The seafood winner, which was also named best overall and people’s choice, was Cypremort Point soft-shell crab stuffed with Grand Isle crabmeat and drizzled with an herb cream sauce by Jason Huguet of the Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant in Washington.

Late that evening as I waddled back to my room at the Evangeline Downs Hotel, I reflected on the joys of eating well — until it dawned on me that I had an appointment with my cardiologist in the morning …

Speak American

Harriet St.Amant, commenting on a recent discussion, says, “I hope we’re going to refer to these great devices in traffic control as ‘traffic circles’ rather than the British ‘roundabouts.’

“The next logical step would be to start driving on the left.

“The only place I know of in this country which routinely calls them something other than traffic circles is New England, where they’re called ‘rotaries.’”

Which reminds me

Some time ago we changed the voice on our GPS to a British man’s, because the lady barking out directions sounded too much like an ex-wife.

He has a pleasant voice and doesn’t seem to get as irritated as the lady when he tells us he has to “recalculate” because we didn’t drive where he told us to.

But when I was approaching an interstate exit and he told me to get on a “slip road,” I almost had a wreck before I figured out he was using a British term.

Damp funny stuff

Our mention of old New Orleans TV commercials brought this response from Ralph Drouin, who recalls everybody’s favorite mad scientist:

“This was not a commercial, but when we lived in Metairie, I remember the ‘weather forecast’ from Morgus the Magnificent.

“He would have a bucket of water with a rag in it, and wring out the rag to give the current humidity reading.”

Louisiana Jack

T. Med Hogg says of the late political writer Jack Germond, a Baton Rouge High grad:

“I used to watch the McLaughlin Group on TV quite often, and one of the participants was Jack Germond.

“Jack was kind of cantankerous, and he did not necessarily agree with anyone.

“I wrote a poem about the group in my book ‘The Cornbred Poet.’ About Jack I wrote:

“And Jack whose favorite expression ‘so what,’

Made any question moot on the spot,

Like a Louisiana frog on a cypress stump,

You never could tell which way he would jump.”

Special People Dept.

Wilda Broussard, of Eastridge Nursing Home in Abbeville, celebrated her 99th birthday Aug. 19.

Jewell Davis, of Denham Springs, celebrates his 91st birthday Saturday. He is a veteran of World War II and the Korean conflict.

Margie and Fred Frey celebrate 61 years of marriage Friday.

Ned and Irma Dufour celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday.

Oh, stop it!

James Killen was brave enough to sign his name to this:

“Regarding the quilting guild called Rumpled Quilts, if they restricted membership to a single family they could call themselves ‘Rumpled Quilts Kin.’”

Little Mr. Impatience

Fay Weilbaecher, of Covington, says, “A few years ago I was cleaning shelves filled with my husband’s collection of antique planes.

“My grandson, who was visiting us, looked at all the planes with his big eyes, yearning to get his hands on them.

“He asked very politely if he could play with them.

“Since we always give him just about everything he wants, he was amazed that I said, ‘Oh no, these are PaPa’s collection — but when he is gone, they will all be yours.’

“He smiled at me and said, ‘When is he going?’ ”

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