Smiley: Bama fans look ahead

“With football season 2013 here,” says Carol S. Nichonson, “I thought you would be interested in this excitement for football season 2014.

“At the University of Alabama for the graduation of our daughter, Courtney Nicholson Rettew, from law school, I noticed the following article in the Tuscaloosa News:

“WEB POLL: Which 2014 Alabama away game are you most excited about?

Answer: Virginia Tech 7%

Ole Miss 6%

Arkansas 1%

Tennessee 7%

LSU 79%.”

Shattered illusion

Tom Toddy says, “I was amused at one of your contributor’s advice to avoid restaurants called ‘Mom’s’ when on an auto trip.

“As a young auto traveler, I was given the advice that one should seek out restaurants where the truckers eat. The reasoning was that they regularly traveled the roads and knew where the best food was served.

“After following this advice a few times, I soon came to the realization that truckers choose restaurants that have large parking areas, and not necessarily because of the culinary delights they offer!”

Magic words

Karen Martin tells how the words “LSU game” can work their magic on south Louisiana folks:

“Last Friday, my husband Jay was on his way to Dallas when a tire tread smashed into his windshield, shattering it.

“He was just north of Opelousas, and called home for me to find somewhere he could get a new windshield.

“The service manager at Courvelle Toyota said he couldn’t get a replacement until the next day.

“ ‘Aw, he’s on his way to the LSU game,’ I said.

“The manager immediately offered his help. He put me on hold and called a local glass company. No luck. But wait, he says, and called Guaranty Glass in Opelousas.

“They brought a windshield over from another location and had him ready to go in a few hours.

“We just wanted to say thanks to the good people in Opelousas who went out of their way to help a Tiger fan.”

Edited version

Linda Dalferes says, “I got an email from my son showing a picture of his boys on the boat holding up a good-sized redfish.

“When I asked whether he or the boys (7 and 11) caught the fish, this was his reply:

“ ‘I hooked them, but they reeled in and netted. When we got home, they told Jenn they caught fish, but Dad didn’t get any!’ ”

Slow night in Winslow

After we mentioned the statue of a young man with a guitar on a corner in Winslow, Ariz., (the subject of The Eagles’ song “Take It Easy”), we heard from Dale Andrews:

“I could be the young man commemorated by the statue in Winslow.

“I lived for one long year in Winslow as a teenager.

“The primary source of entertainment, especially on a weekend night, was indeed standing on the corner; although I must admit I did not have a guitar.

“The main street in Winslow in those days was the famous Route 66. This was before interstates and The Eagles.

“Winona (‘don’t forget Winona,’ a line from my favorite road song, ‘Route 66’) was the next stop down the road on 66.”

Thought for the Day

Ronnie Stutes: “It’s amazing how little time elapses between the first time you get offended because a store clerk asks if you’re eligible for the senior discount, and the first time you get offended because you’re given the senior discount without being asked if you’re eligible.”

Special People Dept.

On Wednesday Dimple Spragio, of Addis, celebrates her 93rd birthday.

Patsy Naquin Richardson, of Gonzales, celebrates her 92nd birthday Wednesday.

Arthur Arceneaux, of Harahan, celebrated his 90th birthday Saturday. He was a pilot in World War II.

G.W. and Patsy Richardson, of Gonzales, celebrate their 73rd anniversary Wednesday.

Richard and Lillian Slaton celebrated their 66th anniversary Monday. Formerly from Baton Rouge, they now live on “a peaceful lake in central Florida.”

Emile and Anna Mercante celebrated their 63rd anniversary Tuesday.

Ed and Jeanine Landry celebrated their 62nd anniversary Monday.

Roy and Aline Stewart, of Zachary, celebrate 50 years of marriage Wednesday.

Sleep on it

“I thought I was more or less immune to advertising, but apparently not,” says Harry Clark, of Lafayette.

“As Labor Day approached, I woke up one morning with an almost overwhelming desire to buy a mattress.”

Oh, stop it!

Doug Johnson, of Watson, comments on the headline in a recent Advocate: “Labor Day ushers fall.”

“I’m not surprised that Labor Day ushers fall.

“They are probably temps working the holiday and not familiar with the dark aisles in the theaters.”

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