Smiley: Home cooking

Dear Smiley: My 18-year-old daughter Dorothy was playing the game “Family Feud” online.

The question was “Where can you get bad food?”

She correctly guessed airplane, hospital and school, but couldn’t get the No. 1 answer.

She was surprised to find it was “home.”

She said, “Mom! I NEVER would have guessed that!”

I thanked her for the compliment, and told her the polling group was obviously not from south Louisiana.


Baton Rouge

Star struck

Dear Smiley: Since The Advocate now reaches deeply into my native N’Awlins, I had to reminisce about an old uptown hangout, the Bright Star — not to be confused with the one in Saban country!

I’m sure some of your Yat readers may recall it. It was on Panola not far from Carrollton and Claiborne avenues.

When I worked at the Piggly Wiggly at Cherokee and St. Charles during my De La Salle High years, Lee Bodenheimer, a fellow employee, turned me on to that great po-boy spot, and we would frequent it often during our lunch breaks.

When off the job, I had their great seafood, onion rings, etc. with a Dixie longneck or two!

On a serious note, as we commemorate the eighth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I pray for all those affected by that storm in one way or another, and especially for those who are not with us anymore.

The survivors of that storm and those who have helped to rebuild and restore that great city are truly the “Bright Stars” in our lives!


Baton Rouge No loyalty here

Dear Smiley: As a nostalgic reader mentioned, I remember receiving those Coca-Cola pencils and ruler (and a scratch tablet of writing paper) when I started school at Central in 1941.

But if I had a nickel, I didn’t spend it on Coke; I’d get the much larger Nehi or RC Cola.

So much for the free school supplies from Coke. ...


Santa Maria, Calif.

Home sweet stadium

Dear Smiley: I wouldn’t trade my stays in both North and South Stadium at LSU for anything.

My two favorite memories? First, those megaphones droning warnings to us plebians to move our vehicles so those spots could be used for VIP parking.

Secondly, the night Mike the Tiger was let loose from his cage (rumored to have been by a certain New Orleans school) and he promptly fell asleep after curling up near one of our world-famous LSU oaks.

The pranksters didn’t factor in that our tiger had just been given a BIG meal.

After that, tigers just curl up for a nap. Just like us, Smiley.


Panama City Beach, Fla.

New England Tiger

Dear Smiley: While vacationing recently with our family on Cape Cod (three LSU alums and one LSU retiree) to commemorate our 50th wedding anniversary, we took a ferry trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

We had walked only a few steps from the ferry landing when we were surprised to see an LSU flag flying proudly above a classic New England structure, the Dockside Inn.

A short time later we happened on a young man wearing an LSU T-shirt, who turned out to be John Tiernan, owner of the Dockside Inn and, according to him, the only LSU graduate living on Martha’s Vineyard.

John’s enthusiasm and loyalty to LSU make him a great ambassador. He assured us he would be at the LSU-Auburn game, tailgating at the corner of Skip Bertman Drive and Nicholson Drive.

It’s a small world!


Baton Rouge

About time

Dear Smiley: I recently unearthed a treasure — a Spiro Agnew wristwatch. The numbers on the dial are backward, and the hands go backward.

Do you think if I wear it I will wake up younger each day?



The accent matters

Dear Smiley: Years ago I attended a luncheon in New Orleans to kick off raising money for a charitable organization.

I was seated by a lady whose place card showed her last name was Mule.

I commented that it was a coincidence — a Mule sitting by a Hogg.

She glared at me and in a scathing voice, replied, “That is Mulé!”


Baton Rouge

Could be worse

Dear Smiley: I would like to point out that L.P. Ledet’s use of the term “Best if used by ... ” (to express his concern about aging) is far more comforting than the alternative term he could have used, which is “Expires on. ... ”



Sticker shock

Dear Smiley: Something to do when you’re bored:

Go to the parking lot at Walmart and put sticky notes on all the cars saying, “Sorry about the damage,” and then watch them look for it.



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