Smiley: Storm styling

Kay Pressley, pre-K teacher at Polk Elementary, says every hurricane season she recalls a story we ran about an incident just after Hurricane Gustav hit Baton Rouge in 2008.

She was a teacher at Runnels Preschool when she ran into a former student from the year before, Garrett Rhinehart:

“I immediately realized that he didn’t recognize me because after many years of a smooth, ‘fixed’ style, I had finally given in to my natural curly/wild hair.

“I said, ‘Garrett, it’s me — Miss Kay.’

“He paused for a moment, and then with a very puzzled and concerned expression he asked, ‘Miss Kay, did the hurricane do that to your hair?’ ”

Piano man

Annabelle Armstrong calls it an example of serendipity:

“Checking on family and friends interred in Roselawn Cemetery Sunday, I went by the resting place of jazz pianist Bill Evans.”

(He’s best known for his work with Miles Davis on “Kind of Blue,” arguably the greatest jazz album ever recorded.)

“A tall man was standing there, immobile, holding a flash drive, listening to Evans’ music. When I told him I went to SLU with Bill, we proceeded to have a good chat.

“Marc Schasny, 45, is an international soccer consultant and travels around the world. He had visited the site Saturday and returned to install a small plant the florist told him would flourish with no care.

“I told him that people from all over the world still visit the graves of Bill and his brother Harry, leaving sheets of music, notes and flags (both Bill and Harry served in the U.S. Navy before college).

“Marc said the first time he heard one of Evans’ songs, he felt it so deeply that he became a follower. He knows several of Evans’ close friends.

“His cellphone was a Brussels number, so we connected via email and Facebook. I put him in touch with Ed Pramuk, retired LSU professor emeritus of art and another huge, knowledgeable fan of Evans.”

Truth in advertising?

Joe Ricapito, adding to our collection of memorable business slogans, says, “We just returned from a trip to Maine. There in the Camden area I saw a sign: ‘Warm Beer and Lousy Food.’ We passed on it.”

Go for the burn

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “One of my daughters, who lives in Dallas, came for a visit by way of Mississippi, and brought me THREE sacks of still-warm Krystal burgers!

“My wonderful granddaughter was with her, but to tell the truth, I think I was more excited to see the Krystals, of which I promptly ate three!

“And a few hours later, as expected, I later had a wonderful case of Krystal heartburn!”

(Just trying to make me jealous, aren’t you, Dudley?)

Alarming name

Janelle Sanders says, “While touring Civil War sites near Rapidan, Va., my husband and I came across this unusual name — Crooked Run Baptist Church. We chuckled.

“We learned this church was established in 1711 near the Crooked Run stream.

“What a relief!”

The Big Squeeze

Last year the Humane Society of Louisiana received a request from Jence Simms, a second-grader at Lancaster Elementary in Madisonville.

The 7-year-old wanted to donate proceeds from her lemonade stand to help starving horses, which she had read about in a Humane Society brochure.

The request led to the third Saturday in August being designated “Lemon Aid Day for Animals.”

Last year, more than 75 kids participated, raising close to $3,000.

You, your kids and/or your business can get involved by setting up lemonade stands, or just donating to the society.

Go to or call (888) 6-HUMANE.

Special People Dept.

William Marshall Whitley (aka “Son” or “Bud”), of Watson, celebrates his 90th birthday Thursday. He’s known as “The Watson Hog Man” for his pig-cooking skills.

Celine Marchand Braud, of Gonzales, celebrated her 93rd birthday Monday.

End in sight

Marvin Borgmeyer says, “What’s the most fun you can have when you are paying your child’s fees at LSU? When the fee statement includes a charge for a diploma!”

John Wayne weeps

Darrell Davis says, “We were driving across Texas, where the cowboys stay, following a horse trailer with two horse rear-ends staring us in the face.

“Underneath the blowing tails was a logo that read, ‘Follow Us On Facebook.’

“Something just seems wrong about this …”

Approaching infinity

During the first week of school at LaSalle Elementary, Bertha Hinojosa was testing her kindergarten students to determine each child’s math skill level.

The first girl was asked, “What is the sum of 1 and 3?” The lass answered, “Four.”

Then Bertha asked, “What is 4 plus 5?”

The girl quickly answered, “That’s a lot!”

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