Smiley: Yogi’s quote

The other night I was reminded of why baseball — at any level — is so much fun for fans.

Lately I’ve been going out to Pete Goldsby Field with my son, daughter-in-law and other family members to watch my grandson Ron pitch in the Red Stick Collegiate Baseball League.

The league is made up of players from smaller colleges and junior colleges around here (Ron plays for Louisiana College), to give them a chance to hone their skills for the spring.

The championship game was between Ron’s team, Exit Realty, and Mayer IT. He didn’t pitch that night, but I’m glad I didn’t miss the game.

Mayer led 3-1 as Exit came up in the bottom of the ninth and quickly got two outs.

I was standing up to leave, about to tell everyone good night, when the batter got a walk. The next batter was hit by a pitch, putting runners at first and second.

I sat back down, hardly believing what I was seeing.

Mayer changed pitchers, but the new guy also hit a batter, loading the bases.

Exit’s next batter hit a hard grounder out to center field, scoring the runners on second and third.

The catcher, who got the ball from center field too late for the first two runners, made a wild throw to third, allowing the runner coming around from first to scamper home with the win and the league championship.

As the kids jumped on the traditional dog pile and did the traditional ice water dumping on the coach, I thought of what Yogi Berra told a reporter in July of 1973, when he was managing the Mets and they were nine games out of first place: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over!” (The Mets went on to win the division.)

’Tis a puzzlement

Rhetta Sellers says, “There are some things I simply do not understand:

“1. Black holes and their relation to energy in the universe.

“2. Sewing machines — how do they intertwine two separate threads without making knots with each stitch?

“3. But I am most befuddled as to why anyone would choose to work on Stanford Avenue, Lee Drive and Staring Lane all at the same time.”

Nawthun exposure

Millie Matherne, of Gonzales, points out the danger of exposing our precious children to the ways of the Frozen Nawth:

“On my recent visit to Ipswich, Mass., grandson Rex Satter, 4, asked, ‘Gam, why do you say y’all?’

“‘In south Louisiana we sometimes put words together,’ I explained. ‘We put you and all together and say y’all.’

“He replied, ‘I just say YOU.’

“Rex is developing somewhat of a Boston accent. I suppose in a few years he’ll be saying, ‘I’ll pahk the cah at Hahvad yahd.’”

Sweet smell of success

Norvin in Metairie reminded me of one business slogan I’ve been trying to forget:

“River Parish Disposal, a Jefferson Parish disposal and portable toilet contractor’s registered trademark is ‘Our Business Stinks But It’s Picking Up.’”

Sign language

Jean Downing, of New Orleans, saw this sign on the back of a little trailer behind a car:

“I go where I’m towed.”

Good Samaritans

Joy thanks “a very nice lady, Margaret Plauche, who took time out of her day to help me find my car that was playing hide and seek!

“She walked around with me in the heat in a large parking lot until the sneaky car was found.

“(And no, my key and car don’t have a ‘beep’ feature to aid me.)”

Missing memorial

Jeff Pederson, of Watson, says the Lee High Class of 1970 raised money for a memorial plaque for C.G. McGehee, first principal of the school, who died that year.

Jeff says the plaque was mounted on a stone or cement block on the campus.

He says, “In 2011, when Baton Rouge High moved into Lee for their school renovation, the memorial was taken down.

“We are looking for it so it can be included in the new school.”

Worthy causes

The Blake Terry Memorial Foundation hosts a “Pirates of the Gulf” fishing rodeo at Moran’s Marina in Fourchon Thursday through Sunday.

This year’s rodeo will also be in memory of diver Tim Raines.

The foundation is a support fund for search, rescue, and recovery of divers lost at sea. Go to www.btmemorial

Thought for the Day

From Ralph Drouin: “If we concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”

Open and shut case

LaNell Hilborn says, “On MacArthur Drive in Alexandria there’s a business called The Best Little Doorhouse In Town.

“Hope they never get tongue-tied when they answer the phone!”

Rash behavior

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, “Mention of ridiculous and sometimes unpronounceable names used in the medical industry reminded me of the doctor who was asked, “What is the difference between dermatitis and a rash?”

The doctor answered, “About a hundred dollars.”

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