Smiley: Flintstone connection

I saw Mayor-President Kip Holden at the grand opening of downtown Baton Rouge’s new Hampton Inn & Suites, but he was busy doing ribbon cuttings and other mayoral stuff, so I didn’t talk to him.

But that’s OK, because this story comes from Keith Brown, a regular reader and, so far, an unimpeachable source.

Keith says, “I knew the mayor would be ecstatic when the search for the new police chief was over, but don’t you think he went a little overboard when he walked into the news conference and shouted ‘Yabba-Dabadie!’ ”

High anxiety

Sue Sperry, of Metairie, got a big laugh out of two bumper stickers on a vehicle she saw at a stoplight in Kenner.

The sticker on the left said “Beginner Driver.”

The one on the right said “Nervous Parent.”

Road worrier

Buddy Knox says Baton Rouge traffic experts who decided it would be OK to work on Stanford Avenue, Lee Drive and Staring Lane at the same time evidently “used the same rationale that led them to work on Millerville Road, South Harrell’s Ferry Road, Jones Creek Road and O’Neal Lane all at the same time.

“After about two years or more all have been completed except O’Neal Lane.

“The new roads are wonderful, but come on — why block every major thoroughfare in this area at one time?”

Rock of aging

George Lane says when Mick Jagger turned 70 recently, “I recalled his ‘What a drag it is getting old’ line from the Rolling Stones’ ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ in 1965, plus Paul McCartney singing ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ when he was 16 and Paul Simon musing ‘How terribly strange to be 70’ in ‘Old Friends.’

“And who can forget ‘I hope I die before I get old,’ from Roger Daltrey in ‘My Generation.’ He also turned 70 this year.

“When these ‘Geriatric Giants’ from the ’60s now go on tour, their sponsors include Maalox, hair replacement products and Cialis — which warns that for concerts lasting over four hours, concertgoers should call their doctor.”

Double your fun

On Saturday Brenda French told us how daughter Lacy, who is expecting, satisfied her weird-food craving with two sandwiches made of fried eggs covered with Tony Chachere’s seasoning, on cinnamon toast.

Now Brenda reports, “The two egg sandwiches on cinnamon toast worked! Lacy is expecting twins!”

Which brings up the question, what if she had eaten THREE sandwiches?

To tell the truth…

…will get you disqualified from the “Feast for All Liars” contest Sunday from noon until at the Patio Lounge.

The event is part of a celebration by Terry and Stacey Sweatfield to mark the first anniversary of their ownership of the legendary saloon.

Mike Patterson says there’ll be “food, fun, laughter — folks will be just lying to get in.”

Nostalgia Corner

Seab Young says mention of the Skunk Inn in Lafayette during his college days in the ’50s at SLI reminded him of another interesting name there — “Da Rabbit” on Jefferson.

He also recalls “Borden’s Ice Cream Parlor on Oak, that still makes the best cherry frappe in the world.

“And how about cinnamon rolls and French bread from Huval’s Evangeline Bakery, or coconut cream or lemon pies from Keller’s Bakery!”

Thanks, Teach

Office Depot has “Teacher Appreciation Breakfasts” Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at its St. Charles and North Carrollton stores in New Orleans. Teachers also get discounts and gifts.


Special People Dept.

Viola LaDay, of St. Landry Acadia Parish Nursing Home, in Church Point, celebrates her 103rd birthday Saturday.

John Marchese, of Kenner, celebrated his 96th birthday Thursday.

He started the St. Patrick’s Day parade that marches down Metairie Road 43 years ago.

On Saturday William “Beagle” Dupre, of Belle Rose, celebrates his 93rd birthday.

Marie “Zu” Chaney celebrates her 92nd birthday Sunday.

Joseph Rockforte, of Plaquemine, celebrates his 91st birthday Saturday.

On Friday Alma Rousseau, of Grand Bayou (known as “Goody” to her grandchildren), celebrates her 91st birthday.

Helen Vaughn, of Whealdon Estates, celebrates her 90th birthday Saturday.

Fast and furious

Carl Spillman tells of the three guys who hailed a taxi in front of a bar.

The taxi driver, seeing that they had stayed WAY too long in the establishment, just switched on the engine and switched it off, then said, “Here we are.”

The first guy gave him money for the ride, and the second guy thanked him, but the third guy slapped him.

The taxi driver was stunned.

“What was that for?” he asked.

The guy replied, “Control your speed next time — you almost killed us.”

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