Smiley: Vision problem

Dear Smiley: While waiting in the doctor’s office for the one-week checkup after cataract surgery, I overheard the elderly gentleman next to me tell his daughter, “I sure am getting a lot of wrinkles on my arms.”

She smiled and said, “Daddy, those wrinkles have been there a long time. Only now you can see them.”

Later I was telling my wife about my visit, and she said something to the effect of “Have you looked in the mirror lately?”

The good news is, I can see my face better. The bad news is, there may be some things I had rather not see better.


Columbia, Tenn.

Tiny techies

Dear Smiley: I have come to the realization that my grandkids are technologically more advanced than I will ever be.

I spent the evening recently with two of my granddaughters, ages 5 and 2.

After spending a great deal of time having them give me a virtual tour of Disney World via an app — they’re planning a visit there later this year — it was time to get the little one to bed.

There was no fussing or arguing. She simply lay down and “iPadded” herself to sleep.

Needless to say, the 5-year-old beat me at every game she attempted to teach me.

I can now bypass my children and go straight to the grandkids when I need techno advice; they’re much more likely to help in a timely manner.


Baton Rouge

Mom in the middle

Dear Smiley: Remembering the days when women wore corsages to the LSU football games:

At an LSU-Texas A&M game I once sat next to a nice lady who had an LSU corsage on one shoulder and a Texas Aggie corsage on the other shoulder.

After a while I could contain my curiosity no longer, and asked her why she was wearing both.

She said she had a child in each school’s marching band.

Which led to my next question: “Who are you rooting for?”

Her answer was very simple: “The offense.”



Pound of flesh

Dear Smiley: My younger son, who grew up in Louisiana, moved to Nashville a couple of years ago.

He was elated to find that within the past few months a couple of Cajun staples are now available there. Community Coffee and crawfish are now for sale, although at a somewhat higher cost than here.

He told me that an acquaintance, a Nashville native, told him he had bought 14 pounds of live crawfish for a party.

“How many will be at the party?” my son asked.

“About 10 people,” the guy answered.

I hope they bring plenty of root beers!



On the road

Dear Smiley: When I was a teenager in Bordelonville in the ’50s and early ’60s, my father and I would leave about 6 a.m. and head to New Orleans for a day of Tulane and LSU football.

It would take us about 4 to 4½ hours to make the trip to New Orleans.

The afternoon Tulane game was his favorite — he was the only diehard Tulane fan in Bordelonville.

Then we would drive to Baton Rouge for the LSU night game, arriving home after midnight.

What a wonderful 18 hours we had together, no matter what the outcome of the games.

After 25 years of defeat, I was happy for him in 1973 when Tulane broke that losing streak to LSU. He had never given up on the Green Wave.


Baton Rouge

Down Memory Lane

Dear Smiley: My daughter Cathy, granddaughter Laura and I took a ride to New Roads last Saturday, for me to see where I was raised in the ’40s, at the old Tropical Gardens.

It was owned by my grandfather, Bert Bolen, and is no longer there.

We went to Satterfield’s to eat — thanks to Kellie, the sweet young lady who served us.

We took the new bridge from New Roads to St. Francisville — awesome.

This old lady had a wonderful Saturday afternoon.



Blue Nun morning

Dear Smiley: As a native Yat, it is hard to see Brennan’s closed. Let’s hope the wonderful “Breakfast at Brennan’s” gets revived!

During my Loyola college days in the late ’70s I lived in a quasi-boarding home on Palmer Avenue. Paul, a roommate, worked at Brennan’s.

I was on a tight budget, so he helped me arrange for a Sunday “Breakfast at Brennan’s” with M.J., a classmate.

Paul let this poor college dude sneak in a bottle of Blue Nun wine bought from the K&B on Broadway and St. Charles to add to the festive enjoyment of our first Bananas Foster — elegantly served on fire!

I propose you to serve as mediator to help the Brennan brothers resolve the dispute. If you succeed, I’ll treat you to Bananas Foster at the reopening!


Baton Rouge

Dear Keith: Throw in some Blue Nun and I’ll give it a try.

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