Smiley: Take the kids, please

Two “travel with kids” tales:

Jackie Upton says in 1953 she, her geologist husband and their son Mark, 3, were living in Vernal, Utah.

To visit her family in Illinois she had to fly to Rawlins, Wyo., then take a train to St. Louis.

The sleeping car on the train had no door, just two drapes:

“I was in my nightie and Mark was in his jammies when I reached down to pick up my son — and no Mark!

“Panicked, I unzipped the curtains and there he was, grinning hugely, waiting to play ‘Mommy chases Mark.’

“He was enjoying the game enormously. Finally I threw modesty to the wind, dashed into the hallway and caught the little bugger.

“Believe me, he slept between me and the window.

“Makes a funny story now, but not at the time.”

Anne Cummings says, “When our girls were younger we would make an annual pilgrimage to Kentucky to see my parents. It was usually a 10- to 11-hour trip by car.

“One of our younger daughters would start asking by Hammond if we were almost there yet. She would continue asking about every hour or so.

“As you can imagine, this became very tiring, and we finally told her that she could no longer ask ‘the question’ until after supper. That seemed to work. “Fast forward to the present. We had to make the trip for a funeral, and that daughter went with us.

“We had a delightful time remembering trips past.

“We stopped for supper as usual, and when we got in the car she said, ‘Are we almost there yet?’ ”

Wretched excess

Friday is National Donut Day, celebrating the sweet breakfast treat.

I have to confess that I’ve been a Krispy Kreme guy for years (I was a Tony’s guy as long as they were around), but I have to give some love to Dunkin’ Donuts.

They’re unveiling a “Doughnut Bacon Sandwich” — fried egg and bacon between sliced glazed doughnuts.

I assume you have to bring a note from your cardiologist before they will sell you one …

Getting results

After posing a question about the date when Ogden Park subdivision was founded, we heard from professional land surveyor Gerald W. “Jerry” Middleton Jr., who provided a copy of the Ogden Realty Co. survey map laying out the lots, dated Oct. 12, 1925.

Jerry notes that Acadian Thruway was called Oakwood Drive back then.

And after a question about the location of the 105 Mile Spur Cemetery, we heard from Martin Gauthier, whose website ( lists some 6,657 Louisiana cemeteries.

He says it’s been his hobby for “about a decade,” and he’s working on locating the cemetery in question.

Dad’s wisdom

For Father’s Day, The Advocate’s People section asks you to share stories of “the best lessons your dad ever imparted to you” for a “Readers Write In” feature to run June 16.

Photos of you and your dad will be returned.

Send stories of one page or less to Fathers, The Advocate People section, P.O. Box 588, Baton Rouge, LA 70821, or email to Include your name, address and a daytime phone number. Deadline is 10 a.m. Monday.

Special delivery

Luther and Myrtle Sobers, of Ethel, were saddened to learn that their Advocate delivery person for the past 30 years, Dorothy Talley, is retiring.

She delivered it with her husband, Dwight, who died in 2012.

The Sobers say, “We have never met Mrs. Talley or her husband, but they delivered our Advocate in good weather or bad.

“Mrs. Talley, we hate to see you go, and wish you the best.”

Special People Dept.

Edna Tabor Gaudin celebrates her 95th birthday Sunday.

Loray Pike celebrates her 92nd birthday Friday.

Charlie and Marian Gant, owners of the Patio Lounge for 40 years, celebrate 69 years of marriage Sunday.

Harry and Mary Ann Stafford celebrate 66 years of marriage Friday.

On Sunday Myrt and Clark Fooshee, of Jackson, celebrate 62 years of marriage.

Harold and Hilda LeSage Dauzat, of Gonzales, celebrate their 55th anniversary Friday.

On Friday, W.A. and Juan Potts, of the Eastfork community of Kentwood, celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Mike and Trilby Savario celebrate their 50th anniversary Friday.

Reality bites

Connie “Bridges” Varden tells of going to a Kentwood High School reunion:

“I picked up a classmate in Baton Rouge, and from there we drove to Kentwood, with two cars following us, and met another classmate.

“We were discussing which of us were Kangarettes, in the homecoming court, or in the marching band, when the driver says, ‘Oh no, I have to go back home!’

“When asked why, her response was, ‘I forgot my teeth!’

“Talk about bringing us back to reality!”

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