Smiley: Teachers need love

Whenever I go into a classroom and watch teachers at work, I always have the same thought: “Whatever they make, it’s not enough!”

I was reminded of this when Jess Walker related this tale:

“We have just had a former school teacher from Michigan visit us, and he told us several stories about teaching.

“One day he overheard two of his students talking about him and the class he taught.

“One student, after saying that he really liked the class, asked the other one what he thought of it.

“After deliberating a little, he finally said, ‘I guess I really don’t like him as a teacher.’

“When pressed as to why, he added, ‘I just don’t like those surprise tests he gives every Friday.’”

Other tastes, other homes

We’ve been mentioning “taste of home” stories about Louisiana folks who move away but still arrange to get food items they learned to love while here.

It works the other way for folks from other places now living here, as these two items illustrate:

Charmian M. Kendrick says, “Following up on your trying to picture me boarding a plane to England with a two-year supply of Community Coffee (for my sister) — try picturing me on my return trip to Baton Rouge with a two-year supply of my favorite British blend tea bags! (We Brits do love our tea!)

“This was the case for many years. However, I am now able to find my favorite British tea blends right here in Baton Rouge! Praise the Lord!”

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, “The comment about finding andouille in Jackson, Tenn., reminds me of a similar quest.

Having grown up just west of Jackson, I developed a taste for Tennessee country ham.

“I have searched the Baton Rouge area for it to no avail.

One employee at a meat market suggested a local store that cures its own meats.

“‘If they don’t have it, they could cure some for you,’ he suggested.

“Right. It only takes one year to properly cure a ham in the Tennessee tradition. Oh well, another trip to the Volunteer State for a supply …”

Suite deal

In our Public Service Dept., Marvin Borgmeyer tells of a kind offer to help support the LSU baseball team:

“Now that some of the initial excitement of the LSU baseball team starting their road to Omaha has been experienced, Brother Eldon Crifasi is concerned that some fans may not be able to attend every game.

“Brother Eldon has a booming voice, and he can best be heard cheering for the Tigers from the suites.

“So, if anyone wants him (and his driver, me) to attend a game in their suite seats, please call (225) 769-0002. Help support the Tigers!”

Good Samaritans

Marilyn Naylor thanks Fran McKey and Katrina Bankston, “who stayed with me for over two hours after I was involved in a car accident on Coursey Boulevard.

“Both ladies came to the scene right after the accident to assist if needed.

“There were some injuries, but I was fortunate to be OK. Fran let me sit in her car until my husband arrived and the police finished their investigation.”

Worthy causes

“Chili for Children” is a “Louisiana state and regional chili cook-off” Saturday and Sunday in front of LSU’s Parker Coliseum from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day, to benefit Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

The event is sponsored by Catholic Radio 1380 AM, Knights of Columbus and Audubon Kiwanis.

The LSU Spring Garden Show and Sale and a spring car show will be held at the Coliseum at the same time.


Relay for Life benefits from “Let’s Go Bowling!” from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at Circle Bowl, which joins Squeezing Out Cancer to sponsor the event. Contact Melvin Abbott at or (225) 200-3561.

Dog days

On Saturday and Sunday Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge holds dog adoptions at Orvis in Perkins Rowe from noon to 3 p.m.

Special People Dept.

Bill and Nita Myers, of Gonzales, celebrate 60 years of marriage Wednesday.

Super Grandpa

Dr. Joe McKeever, of River Ridge, says, “I’m going to tell my grandchildren I didn’t actually hang the moon. I only held the ladder.”

Just deserts

Dave Kelly says, “When us Denham Springs kids would ask ‘What’s for dessert?’ after our evening meal, our mom, Dorothy Bergeron Kelly, would reply, ‘Desert The Table.’ ”

Current events

Dr. George S. Bourgeois, of Opelousas, tells of the Aggie who, during the stalemate in Washington, was asked what she thought of the sequester.

She said, “Well, it’s going pretty good, but I’m looking forward to a break this summer before starting the one in the fall.”

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