Pat Shingleton for Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013

Events on this date include 16 deaths from flooding in Manila in 2012. In 1993, Tropical Storm Bret hit Venezuela, with 100 casualties.

In 1922, the red-hot Pittsburgh Pirates recorded 46 hits in a double-header against the Phillies, and in 2001, the artificial turf at a Phillies game reached 149 degrees and 24 fans were treated for heat exhaustion. In 1963, the Kingsmen recorded “Louie-Louie.” In 2007, the strongest tornado since 1889 struck Kings County, N.Y.; a chimney saved one resident from a wall of water. In 2004, lightning struck two teenage boys corralling cattle in Wauneta, Neb. Knocked unconscious, they survived.

Finally, in 1985, Michael Shingleton was a day old while outside, Tropical Storm Beryl was 50 miles west of New Orleans, with 40 mph winds. Fastcast: Stifling.