Pat Shingleton for Monday, Aug. 5, 2013

Sunday’s column noted how the turkey vulture avoids overheating. Nature provided the black-tailed jackrabbit with a means of also keeping cool. Easily identified by its oversize ears, these trademark appendages increase the hare’s audio range to avoid predators. Due to the abundance of blood vessels, its 7-inch ears also act as a cooling mechanism that dissipates heat and regulates its body temperature. The black-tailed jackrabbit also has a voracious appetite and can easily adapt to the heat and climate of Death Valley. Like many desert animals of this region, it gets its water from plants. To adjust to the seasonal changes, it switches its grazing patterns by waiting until the hot summer to load up on water-filled cacti and grasses, often eating several times its body weight per day to stay hydrated. Fastcast: Humid.