Pat Shingleton’s column for Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The MLB All-Star game in New York will be sizzlin’. For 40 years, the Kansas City Royals designated their Omaha minor league team by the same name. As noted in a previous column, two years ago, they switched their name from the Royals to the Storm Chasers. Other team switches increased merchandise sales such as the Lansing Lugnuts, Savannah Sand Gnats and the Casper Ghosts. Fans submitted names for the Omaha team and nine finalists were selected from 1,500 submissions. Other favorites included the Omaha Hailstorm and Windwalkers. The Storm Chasers logo displays a lightning bolt through the “O” and two mascots: Stormy and Vortex. A name switch to the Omaha Golden Spikes in 1999 wasn’t successful, so the Royals hopes that fans will be “blown away” with a new name. Fastcast: Returning showers.