Pat Shingleton for Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Last month, 21 days posted 90-degree highs, with 10 days logged this month. June 12 peaked at 96 and July 14 jumped to 95. The crew from Apex Aire recently changed out an air-conditioning unit for us as everyone’s air-conditioning units are “humming along.” As mentioned in previous columns, Thursday marks the 110th anniversary of the invention of modern air conditioning. In the 1900s, a Brooklyn printing plant was the first building in the world to be air-conditioned by Dr. Willis Haviland Carrier. Older Baton Rouge homes utilized an attic fan to move air from room to room. Carrier’s cooling plant divided air into two streams, one heated, the other cooled. In each room, these two air streams are proportionately mixed to produce a desired temperature. Fastcast: Drier.