Pat Shingleton for June 6, 2013

The invasion of Europe on June 6, 1944, was the greatest military operation in history. As noted in a previous column, if the weather had been unfavorable for Operation Overlord, it would have postponed the invasion for two weeks until tides were suitable for landing. Weatherwise Magazine reported that in 1944, there were no meteorological observations or the use of computer models. Years ago, predicting the weather over the English Channel was challenging. Weathermen depended on secretive ship and plane reports and from spies on the European mainland. These observations were coded, forwarded to England and tediously plotted on maps by hand. Numerous groups extrapolated the data, including a civilian group in Dunstable, England, the British Meteorological Service, U.S forecasters called “Widewing” and the British Navy. More Friday.

Fastcast: More showers.