Pat Shingleton for Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weatherwise Magazine posted its Top 10 U.S. Weather Events of 2012. At No. 10: A warm spring and limited snowfall caused severe drought from Oregon to Colorado. No. 9 was the February tornado outbreak from Kansas to Indiana. The mild winter through February was the fourth mildest in 100 years was No. 8. At No. 7, summer in March with record heat. At No. 6 was Hurricane Isaac, which hit our area with 900,000 power outages and $2.35 billion in damage. No. 5 was the trail of destruction from Illinois to the mid-Atlantic due to severe winds. The tornado outbreak across 12 states, killing 40, was No. 4. At No. 3, the heat wave from the High Plains to the East Coast broke records in place since 1936. More than $30 billion in agricultural losses put the Midwest drought at No. 2 and Superstorm Sandy in October was the No. 1 weather event. Fastcast: Thunder.