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Patricia Gannon: The Lion King

Andy Harwood, Mark Mitchell

Troubadours held their past kings’ party at DeGaulle Square Bistro in River Ranch. The party started in the bar next door and went from there, as Richard Coeur de Lions both past and present gathered for a last hurrah before the ball. Lions were everywhere, including Darrellyn Burts’ minaudière, and reveling at the elite sit-down… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: UAM Opening

LouAnne Greenwald, Karl Bourque, Ann and Walter Dobie

UAM Opening The Paul and Lulu Hilliard Art Museum opened its spring exhibitions to the crowd with an elite members-only cocktail mixer. Director LouAnne Greenwald greeted guests Cajun-style with meat pies and music, courtesy of real deal Zachary Fuselier, Kegan Navarre and Phillip Huval, while making their way through the galleries were Ernest… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Junior League social

Maggie Simar, Josette Abshire

The Junior League of Lafayette enticed new members with a swanky social at City Club. Some 40 women didn’t look like they needed much persuading, however, and the sign-in line was out the door. “Last year’s class was 63,” said JL President Maggie Simar. “It’s crazy the ladies who want to join.” There’s no prettier nonprofit… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Sorry, just following up …

Josh and Natalie Dworaczyk

Some experts think women have a problem with their language. Too soft-spoken, too accommodating, apologetic and self-deprecating, females undermine themselves in the business world. Others think society is the one with the problem. Nevertheless, there is a new Chrome app to solve this. “Just Not Sorry” is a plug-in for Gmail that highlights when you type “just”… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Downton Abbey, etc. made easy

Mike and Kathleen Williams

Americans never cease to love British television. Whether it’s the flirting with class distinction or the tea and gloves, the immaculate presentation, glorious formality, wonderful accents, stiff upper lip or cool society reserve, Americans enjoy looking nostalgically at what they gave up. Sadly, the British don’t include subtitles with those wonderful accents, which most Americans need to… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Puttin’ on the Ritz

Standing from left, Amber Barlow, Skylar Ruding, Margaret Patton, Kristi Obafunwa, Rachel Vincent, Michelle DeShazo, Michelle Horn; seated, Amy Gautreaux, Krystin Frazier, Andrea Telttleton, Kelly Perrier, Nene Gianfala, Linda Cummings, Valerie Mayhall

The Women’s Energy Network had holiday tea at the Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans, and what could be nicer? Nothing beats the Quarter at Christmas, unless it’s women in the energy industry getting together to help one another get ahead. Enjoying the NOLA elegance were Valerie Mayhall, Cherrie LeBlanc and Nene Gianfala.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Lafayette Bar Association holiday fête

Colin Riggs, Anne Marie Hightower and Dona Renegar

The Lafayette Bar Association got together for its annual party at the LBA building, and a classy affair it was. “It’s the only time you get to see some people,” said LBA Executive Director Josette Gossen Abshire. Seeing and being seen were LBA prez Kyle Gideon, Kirk and Brenda Piccione, Lafayette Young Lawyers Association President Dwazendra… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Houston, we have a problem, part 2

Toni Eddy, Angi Davis

Clarify one misconception and others arise to take its place. Now that you know I don’t live in Baton Rouge, it’s time to put other mistakes to rest. Newspapers have a certain inner structure, a hierarchy, and like any other closed society, the various differences are not always clear to the general public. I function in… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Music & Merriment

Donna Moity, Jeanie Rush

The most wonderful time of the year and just the event to go with it. Friends of Music held a holiday tour of homes in Greenbriar — 112 Canterbury, 155 Shannon and 307 Asbury — all to benefit the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Department of Music. Live jazz, carolers and the food was good,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The Naughty List 2015

Angela Aberitt, Lisa Heath, Kathryn Hill

Like singer-songwriter Huey Lewis once said, “I stay cool as a rule, but sometimes bad is bad.” Voilà, this year’s list of society miscreants, heads on a platter. First, the country music celebrity who offered in-person interviews for a local nonprofit as part of a benefit concert. The in-person then devolved into phone, then to email, then… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Festival of Trees Gala

Jennifer Gainer, Wendy Veron, Amber Geesey, Christie Moore

Hearts of Hope held their yearly Festival of Trees fundraiser at downtown’s Acadiana Center for the Arts on a recent Thursday evening. It was a glamorous setting for auctioneer/La. State Sen. Fred Mills, who probably didn’t have to pump up the bidding on Mitch Reed’s magnolia wreath — we took a really long look at that one ourselves.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: I’ll drink to that

Ginger and Jim Roy

Southerners have had it rough in recent months, and now the sipping whiskey’s running low. Numerous distillers have warned their supplies may not be able to meet society’s sudden appetite for bourbon. Buffalo Trace, in particular, spoke for all when it declared, “We’re making more bourbon everyday, more than we have in the last 40 years. Still,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Just Desserts

Ed Abell, Buddy Webb

The League of Women Voters recognized those who have made contributions to the League’s mission and policy positions. Given their “just deserts” at a swanky Petroleum Club reception were Earl Picard, Safeguarding Democracy Award; Nick Pugh, Improving the Quality of Education Award; Celeste White, Increasing Community Dialogue Award; Melinda Taylor, Mobilizing People to Take Action Award,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: ’Twas the night before Thanksgiving

Lynn and Mike Crochet, Tish and Don Johnson

Often in society I get more than I give, and it’s become my custom to acknowledge the souls I meet whose comments have kept me going throughout the year. Unknown, they step forward out of nowhere, introduce themselves, and never fail to make work worthwhile. Like the nurse in pink at the gala for the working uninsured… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Festival Fête

Andrea Gammons, Kristie Chamberlain, Peggy Feehan

Festival International de Louisiane held a ’20s-themed fundraiser at The Grouse Room and the flappers flocked despite umbrellas and the downpour. In the VIP Room were Helmer Directional Drilling sponsors Richard and Renee Helmer and friends Troy and Amy Lewis, while around the bar we found Festival artist Denise Gallagher, whose Le Rêve Lyrique du Festival… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Houston, we have a problem

Lauren Swan, Hannah Breaux, Kathleen Menard

A lady I met in society recently told me how much she missed my column since I’d moved to Baton Rouge. Even as I gently corrected her and wondered how I made it into the Baton Rouge census, she introduced me to a bystander as “Patricia Gannon, who works in Baton Rouge at The Advocate.” It’s rare… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Leaders in Philanthropy Awards

Cathy and Johnny Indest

The Community Foundation of Acadiana acknowledged its outstanding philanthropists with a luncheon at the Cajundome Convention Center. Honorees sported boutonnieres and corsages, and among those chosen for accolades were Johnny and Cathy Indest, Pat and Alice Morrow, Bill Bacque and Mark Suellentrop. “People who… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Lunatic fringe

Michelle Crouch, Sally Ware

Ladies, consider this an intervention. I know, you don’t start out to become addicted. First it’s a tassel or two, and before you know it, moccasins. Next comes a pair of high heels with fringe, then comes the morning you wake up with squaw boots to the knee. The purses follow, then come the vests and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: From 9 to 5

Andrea Pelletier, Allyson Prejean, Kim Domingue

But not anymore for Kim Domingue, who received a fabulous LaFonda send-off in honor of her retirement. Leaving Southern Petroleum Laboratories after 34 years, Domingue was surrounded by associates, friends and fiancé James Broussard. “I used to bring her my high school papers to look over,” said SPL’s Christopher Brown, whose grandfather started the company in… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: It’s not that kind of party

Fran Williams

After years in the etiquette catbird seat, Southerners have lost their perch. Although the idea that a funeral is a dandy outing still prevails, recent observations make a review of the rules necessary even south of the Mason-Dixon Line. It’s not that difficult. Dress up and be quiet, turn off your phone, tell the bereaved how sorry you… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Society and App-ropriate Parenting

Mary Virginia Guice, Taylor Boagni, Michael Baber, Meghan Bush, Miller Ezell, Greer Naudin

The backbone of any society is its parents, those rearing the next generation of citizens to helm the ship. This used to be a fairly straightforward proposition, involving a husband, a wife, and chores for the children to complete or else. Then the kiddies got to play outside, but had to be home by dinner time.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Ask not for whom the desk toils

Aaron and Kristel Deese

Among society’s many necessities, you now must have a deskscape. A deskscape is not simply a business surface for work, but a place where you sit and contemplate the waking world. It reflects your individualism. As your workplace probably doesn’t allow this sort of reverie, home is where the deskscape is. Deskscapes aren’t piles of… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen

Brandi Darbonne, Rachael Sudul

I have a galley kitchen. There. I’ve confessed, and it’s out in the open. Not an open-concept kitchen, the kind every realtor loves and much of society thinks it must have, where someone forgot the walls between the kitchen and the living room, but a closed-off, separate-from-the-dining-room, galley kitchen. It came with my New Orleans-style townhouse, and,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The color of the season

Antoinette Guthrie, Emily Tate, Sarah Zuschlag

It’s oxblood, ladies You can’t miss it. The color is everywhere in mall window displays and magazine pictures. Already heralded as the new black, it’s been done up in coats, dresses, leggings and skirts, leather, jeans and evening gowns. Fall fashion’s darling is oxblood. Yes, ladies, that’s what it’s called. Recoil… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The times, they are a-changin’

Rachel Comeaux, Mark Becnel, Erica Hawkins

A recent Pew Research Center survey has noted that the acts of the many may eventually outweigh the rules of the few. For instance, fully 98 percent of young adults use their cell phones at social events and a third of all adults never turn them off. Survey results also determined that many feel cell phone use in… Continue reading →

Dafford exhibit at UL-Lafayette depicts Acadians’ epic journey

Advocate staff photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ -- Robert Dafford works on his mural about German heritage in Louisiana on the side of the German-American Culture Center in Gretna. Dafford's series of works on 'Expulsion of the Acadians' is on exhibit in Lafayette.

This year’s official poster for Festival des Acadians et Créoles commemorates the arrival of the Acadians to Louisiana. It shows settlers stepping ashore amid blue skies and cypress moss, with little trace of the hardships endured. For that, there are other paintings. “Expulsion of the Acadians: The Epic Journey From Acadie to Louisiana” by Robert Dafford… Continue reading →

Autumn coffee

Pallavi Simon, Estela Brewer

The Symphony ladies held their annual autumn coffee in the Island Point home of their president, Dr. Sangeeta Shah. Wild hibiscus flowers in champagne flutes greeted this elegant bunch, who bestowed yellow roses upon their past presidents Judy Dunn and Sally Burdette, but mostly mixed and mingled over a buffet of homemade treats, Indian delicacies and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: A rose by any other name

Monique Gideon, Lee Ann and Mike Remondet

It appears that some 50 years post-feminist revolution, women are still struggling to identify themselves for society’s sake. Some keep their maiden names, others still hyphenate — although the dash has been adopted by gay couples anxious to signal their new legal status — and then there’s the current trend of double-barreled surnames. Women who’ve gone by simply… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Before your September Vogue issue arrives, take a quick lesson in fashionspeak

Ed and Elaine Abell, Thomas Angers, Renee Baine

September is Vogue Magazine’s biggest issue of the year and much anticipated by the fashion public and insiders alike. Because of their sure-fire pop culture cachet, celebrities are now fashion’s sought-afters as Vogue seeks to sell magazines to a fading mass audience (see below). Close on the heels of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The Way We Were

Virginia Wilkinson, Dee Garrett

Society has grown nostalgic for simpler times. In a climate of global warming, political chicanery and Ashley Madison, it’s easy to see how one might wish for the past instead of the present. While people tend to forget that much of the good old days wasn’t that good, just old, there’s reason to want to walk down Memory… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Opening night gala

Winnie Darphin-Bacque, Don and Tish Johnson

Stagebackers hosted an opening night gala for “Lend Me a Tenor,” Lauren-Reilly Elliot Company’s much-anticipated new comedy. “I’m so excited about this play,” said gala guest Winnie Darphin-Bacque. “It’s funny and a little racy.” The period comedy about the mishaps of an Italian tenor and the Cleveland Opera ran through the end of August. “This… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Fall fashion trends may surprise

David Blanchet, Josette Abshire

As you struggle to shoo away the insects of summer, fall’s long since arrived in the international fashion houses. Their cool weather couture collections are off and strutting down the runways, the trends are fixed, and whether you lean more Missoni, Maison Margiela or Miu Miu, the suspense is over. Those designers wishing to attract the young… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Going global

Cydra Wingerter, Katherine McCormick, Philippe Gustin, Becky Perret, Vanessa Paredes

Mayor Joey Durel welcomed 150 newly registered international college students to the fair city of Lafayette as part of a long day of matriculation and orientation. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette undergrads hail largely from India, China, Saudi Arabia and Oman, according to International Center staffer Rose Honegger, and were given a warm south… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: You are what you drink

Kim Thackston, Jenée Broussard

I know, just when guys thought they had it all figured out. Gentlemen, women notice what you’re drinking and it tells us everything in a flash. Now that bars are unanimously coed and no longer a bastion of masculine brawling, women watch. And they take mental notes. Alcohol is an important accessory and can be parsed like… Continue reading →

Business After Hours

Bill and Linda Malin, Carol Trosclair Lamson

The Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen met in the bar at Fratelli’s for fraternizing and solidarity. The cocktails mixed a little business with pleasure, affording a chance for networking while hearing the latest word on the street. And giving the state of the union speech was none other than Don Briggs, president of the Louisiana Oil… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Donna, Donna, the Primadonna

Allison Brandon, Carol Amo, Wes Norton

Donna Karan has stepped down. To those unfamiliar with her New York sophistication and urban fashion sense, it may not seem like a big deal. To those of us who wore her clothes for decades, it’s cataclysmic. “I have made this decision after much soul-searching,” said 66-year-old Karan in a statement. She plans to spend her… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Crowds gathered for 'Lafayette Strong' event

Rachel Taylor, Curley Taylor

Despite the rain, crowds gathered in Blackham Coliseum for Lafayette Strong: Unite. Honor. Heal. Created by Lafayette Consolidated Government as a tribute to the community after the Grand Theatre shootings, residents, law enforcement and civic leaders alike amassed in a show of solidarity. Musicians performed, prayers were sought and speakers, including Mayor Joey Durel and bereaved… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Are those politically correct clothes?

Marlon Jackson, Jennifer Jackson

Overarching political correctness hit Target this week, making it the most recent victim of yet another online backlash. Their T-shirt that reads “Trophy” across the chest has drawn the digital pitchforks, who claim it is sexist, objectifies women and is degrading to humanity, followed by the argument that the word renders a woman disposable. Despite the… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Dollars to doughnuts

Eddie Bearb, Eddie Paul, Peggy Bearb

Eddie Paul Bearb has his wish at last — a trip to Pearl Harbor. The Dreams Come True recipient got the surprise of a lifetime when he stopped for doughnuts with his parents at Meche’s on Kaliste Saloom Road. Nine-year-old Bearb, who has been diagnosed with serious illness, also knows his military history and plans… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Are those politically correct antlers?

Kendra McKendall, Maggie Clark

In an age of overwhelming political correctness, it’s now possible to have controversial home décor. The main culprits seem to be taxidermy, faux plants and reproductions of famous art. And the stars and bars, of course. It’s easy to see how taxidermy might get some going, although men normally keep this sequestered in special trophy rooms set… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Let them eat cake

Kathryn Weaver, Krista Meier

As the wedding industry drives brides into bankruptcy staging the party of a lifetime, those same brides are looking to save money wherever possible. One of these ways is the traditional wedding cake. A staple of society weddings (make that any wedding) since Queen Victoria — they don’t call it royal icing for nothing —… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Sertoma holds dinner

Zeke and Kathie Zimmermann, Sharon Moss, Wayne Skinner

Lafayette Sertoma met for an awards banquet at Zea’s, and what better way to honor Sertoman of the Year Lucas Lupo and Service to Mankind recipient Kathy LaFleur? Called to order by President Donna Fischer, the group wined and dined in a private room. Doing their civic duty that evening were Marty Audiffred; incoming president Jamie… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Living in the USA

Casey Adrienne LeLeux, James Noriega

The living room has been in existence since 1691, when a French architect first distinguished between rooms that were actually meant to be lived in and those meant to floor you with status. As walls have come tumbling down in the kitchen, dining room and patio, American architects now argue there’s no longer a need for a… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Justyna and Stephen Frederick, Mary Morrison

All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead to Sugar Mill Pond. The police had streets blocked for days along Shore Drive, and it was pedestrians only for the annual Fourth of July Independence Celebration, sponsored by The Advocate and others. Residents had their lawn chairs in the yard early awaiting the fireworks at… Continue reading →