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Patricia Gannon: The color of the season

Antoinette Guthrie, Emily Tate, Sarah Zuschlag

It’s oxblood, ladies You can’t miss it. The color is everywhere in mall window displays and magazine pictures. Already heralded as the new black, it’s been done up in coats, dresses, leggings and skirts, leather, jeans and evening gowns. Fall fashion’s darling is oxblood. Yes, ladies, that’s what it’s called. Recoil… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The times, they are a-changin’

Rachel Comeaux, Mark Becnel, Erica Hawkins

A recent Pew Research Center survey has noted that the acts of the many may eventually outweigh the rules of the few. For instance, fully 98 percent of young adults use their cell phones at social events and a third of all adults never turn them off. Survey results also determined that many feel cell phone use in… Continue reading →

Dafford exhibit at UL-Lafayette depicts Acadians’ epic journey

Advocate staff photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ -- Robert Dafford works on his mural about German heritage in Louisiana on the side of the German-American Culture Center in Gretna. Dafford's series of works on 'Expulsion of the Acadians' is on exhibit in Lafayette.

This year’s official poster for Festival des Acadians et Créoles commemorates the arrival of the Acadians to Louisiana. It shows settlers stepping ashore amid blue skies and cypress moss, with little trace of the hardships endured. For that, there are other paintings. “Expulsion of the Acadians: The Epic Journey From Acadie to Louisiana” by Robert Dafford… Continue reading →

Autumn coffee

Pallavi Simon, Estela Brewer

The Symphony ladies held their annual autumn coffee in the Island Point home of their president, Dr. Sangeeta Shah. Wild hibiscus flowers in champagne flutes greeted this elegant bunch, who bestowed yellow roses upon their past presidents Judy Dunn and Sally Burdette, but mostly mixed and mingled over a buffet of homemade treats, Indian delicacies and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: A rose by any other name

Monique Gideon, Lee Ann and Mike Remondet

It appears that some 50 years post-feminist revolution, women are still struggling to identify themselves for society’s sake. Some keep their maiden names, others still hyphenate — although the dash has been adopted by gay couples anxious to signal their new legal status — and then there’s the current trend of double-barreled surnames. Women who’ve gone by simply… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Before your September Vogue issue arrives, take a quick lesson in fashionspeak

Ed and Elaine Abell, Thomas Angers, Renee Baine

September is Vogue Magazine’s biggest issue of the year and much anticipated by the fashion public and insiders alike. Because of their sure-fire pop culture cachet, celebrities are now fashion’s sought-afters as Vogue seeks to sell magazines to a fading mass audience (see below). Close on the heels of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The Way We Were

Virginia Wilkinson, Dee Garrett

Society has grown nostalgic for simpler times. In a climate of global warming, political chicanery and Ashley Madison, it’s easy to see how one might wish for the past instead of the present. While people tend to forget that much of the good old days wasn’t that good, just old, there’s reason to want to walk down Memory… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Opening night gala

Winnie Darphin-Bacque, Don and Tish Johnson

Stagebackers hosted an opening night gala for “Lend Me a Tenor,” Lauren-Reilly Elliot Company’s much-anticipated new comedy. “I’m so excited about this play,” said gala guest Winnie Darphin-Bacque. “It’s funny and a little racy.” The period comedy about the mishaps of an Italian tenor and the Cleveland Opera ran through the end of August. “This… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Fall fashion trends may surprise

David Blanchet, Josette Abshire

As you struggle to shoo away the insects of summer, fall’s long since arrived in the international fashion houses. Their cool weather couture collections are off and strutting down the runways, the trends are fixed, and whether you lean more Missoni, Maison Margiela or Miu Miu, the suspense is over. Those designers wishing to attract the young… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Going global

Cydra Wingerter, Katherine McCormick, Philippe Gustin, Becky Perret, Vanessa Paredes

Mayor Joey Durel welcomed 150 newly registered international college students to the fair city of Lafayette as part of a long day of matriculation and orientation. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette undergrads hail largely from India, China, Saudi Arabia and Oman, according to International Center staffer Rose Honegger, and were given a warm south… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: You are what you drink

Kim Thackston, Jenée Broussard

I know, just when guys thought they had it all figured out. Gentlemen, women notice what you’re drinking and it tells us everything in a flash. Now that bars are unanimously coed and no longer a bastion of masculine brawling, women watch. And they take mental notes. Alcohol is an important accessory and can be parsed like… Continue reading →

Business After Hours

Bill and Linda Malin, Carol Trosclair Lamson

The Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen met in the bar at Fratelli’s for fraternizing and solidarity. The cocktails mixed a little business with pleasure, affording a chance for networking while hearing the latest word on the street. And giving the state of the union speech was none other than Don Briggs, president of the Louisiana Oil… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Donna, Donna, the Primadonna

Allison Brandon, Carol Amo, Wes Norton

Donna Karan has stepped down. To those unfamiliar with her New York sophistication and urban fashion sense, it may not seem like a big deal. To those of us who wore her clothes for decades, it’s cataclysmic. “I have made this decision after much soul-searching,” said 66-year-old Karan in a statement. She plans to spend her… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Crowds gathered for 'Lafayette Strong' event

Rachel Taylor, Curley Taylor

Despite the rain, crowds gathered in Blackham Coliseum for Lafayette Strong: Unite. Honor. Heal. Created by Lafayette Consolidated Government as a tribute to the community after the Grand Theatre shootings, residents, law enforcement and civic leaders alike amassed in a show of solidarity. Musicians performed, prayers were sought and speakers, including Mayor Joey Durel and bereaved… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Are those politically correct clothes?

Marlon Jackson, Jennifer Jackson

Overarching political correctness hit Target this week, making it the most recent victim of yet another online backlash. Their T-shirt that reads “Trophy” across the chest has drawn the digital pitchforks, who claim it is sexist, objectifies women and is degrading to humanity, followed by the argument that the word renders a woman disposable. Despite the… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Dollars to doughnuts

Eddie Bearb, Eddie Paul, Peggy Bearb

Eddie Paul Bearb has his wish at last — a trip to Pearl Harbor. The Dreams Come True recipient got the surprise of a lifetime when he stopped for doughnuts with his parents at Meche’s on Kaliste Saloom Road. Nine-year-old Bearb, who has been diagnosed with serious illness, also knows his military history and plans… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Are those politically correct antlers?

Kendra McKendall, Maggie Clark

In an age of overwhelming political correctness, it’s now possible to have controversial home décor. The main culprits seem to be taxidermy, faux plants and reproductions of famous art. And the stars and bars, of course. It’s easy to see how taxidermy might get some going, although men normally keep this sequestered in special trophy rooms set… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Let them eat cake

Kathryn Weaver, Krista Meier

As the wedding industry drives brides into bankruptcy staging the party of a lifetime, those same brides are looking to save money wherever possible. One of these ways is the traditional wedding cake. A staple of society weddings (make that any wedding) since Queen Victoria — they don’t call it royal icing for nothing —… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Sertoma holds dinner

Zeke and Kathie Zimmermann, Sharon Moss, Wayne Skinner

Lafayette Sertoma met for an awards banquet at Zea’s, and what better way to honor Sertoman of the Year Lucas Lupo and Service to Mankind recipient Kathy LaFleur? Called to order by President Donna Fischer, the group wined and dined in a private room. Doing their civic duty that evening were Marty Audiffred; incoming president Jamie… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Living in the USA

Casey Adrienne LeLeux, James Noriega

The living room has been in existence since 1691, when a French architect first distinguished between rooms that were actually meant to be lived in and those meant to floor you with status. As walls have come tumbling down in the kitchen, dining room and patio, American architects now argue there’s no longer a need for a… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Justyna and Stephen Frederick, Mary Morrison

All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead to Sugar Mill Pond. The police had streets blocked for days along Shore Drive, and it was pedestrians only for the annual Fourth of July Independence Celebration, sponsored by The Advocate and others. Residents had their lawn chairs in the yard early awaiting the fireworks at… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: You’re lookin’ swell, Dolley

Jeanne Lantier, Laura Myers

For the first time in over a century, a woman is poised to be on American paper money. The redesigned $10 bill will be out in five years, just in time to coincide with the female right-to-vote anniversary. And while the federal government is busy canvassing the public for suggestions as to who should be on the note,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Tripping the light fantastic

Linda Kidd

Dancing With the Stars Sacred Heart-style kicked off its famous fundraiser at Feed & Seed with a cocktail mixer. We couldn’t tell if it was the faulty A/C or the hot competition, but already heating up the dance floor are Christa Billeaud, Charlie Baudoin, Alison Breaux, Jeff Landry, Kristie Callais, Blaise Broussard, Michelle Cart, Ken McCarron,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Make a joyful noise (where appropriate)

Kathy Entes, Matthew Welsh

It’s come to my attention that some subsets in society are challenging the ban on cheering at graduations. They suggest that within certain cultures, this is an acceptable way to celebrate, the definition of “dignified” is arbitrary, and why can’t they have some fun with their children? They posit that restricting noise is an elitist power play, trespasses… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Acadian Orchid Society

Phyllis Walters, Olivia Hebert

Even cloudbursts couldn’t keep them away from the Ira Nelson Horticulture Center. “Hooked on Orchids” kicked off amid heavy downpours as the Acadian Orchid Society held their annual show, and both commercial and individual vendors lined up alongside society exhibits to flaunt their flowers. “We meet here monthly in… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Happy Father’s Day, gentlemen

Casey Adrienne LeLeux

Father’s Day has never fluttered the heart quite the same as Mother’s Day. First created to coincide with the maternal version in 1910 and finally here to stay after WWII, when it was deemed a patriotic duty to celebrate men, it was only in 1972 that Richard Nixon officially signed it into being as a federal holiday. Probably… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Shaken, not stirred

Mike and Jean Coluzzi

The quest for Lafayette’s Absolut Best Martini is on, and what better way to kick off the event than a cocktail meet ’n’ greet? Little Caroline Daigle designed the 2015 signature glass, and on hand to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres at dealership diva Sharon Moss’ showroom were proud parents Marc… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Manners not just for people

Miriam Krepper, Alan Jacobs

It’s interesting to note how many well-mannered Americans tolerate ill-mannered animals at home, permitting pets to yap at, browbeat and importune their guests. Like children, dogs and cats need firm boundaries, and pets require structure, routine and discipline. They also need etiquette training if they’re to survive and be tolerated in society. Like human thugs, badly behaved animals… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon, Fête: For she’s a jolly good fellow

Jacques and Mallory Rodrigue, André Rodrigue

Veronica Rodrigue, of Blue Dog fame, celebrated her birthday in style — where else — at Blue Dog Café. Hosted by family and friends Kay Texada, Megan Morris and David Bennett, the birthday girl sparkled in turquoise as she greeted guests from Lafayette and several towns besides. Wishing her well and many more to come were… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: A symphony of giving

Emil Ivanov, Iya Tsyrkot, Emma Guidry

No tuna casserole for this group. The Episcopal Church of the Ascension held a silent auction social in its church hall complete with Acadiana Symphony Orchestra strings. Guests bought chances on a wine pull ($10 gets you a chance at the wines, one of which is collectible) and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: For the girls

Mary Neiheisel, Lisa Leblanc, Paulette and Aimee Yandle

The Lafayette chapter of Zonta Club International held its annual Save Ze Ta-Ta’z and scholarship awards at the Oakbourne Country Club complete with a much anticipated art bra auction. Chris Weaver chaired their sixth such event, the proceeds from which benefit Zonta, who in turns uses them to fund scholarships for area women, and the… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Memorial Day more than a party

Raoul Blanco, Jennifer LeBlanc, Robert Haven

Ah, Memorial Day. It signals the end of school for students everywhere and the beginning of backyard cookouts, as well as sales, sleeping in and an extra day off. Since it’s the most traveled weekend on the calendar except for Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, society comes to a standstill. In fact, Memorial Day’s date has… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: St. Jude Dream Home

Jennifer LeBlanc, Robert Haven, Raoul Blanco

Builders Bryan and Sylvia McLain revealed their latest giveaway house at a grand opening in Broussard. Located in The Reserve subdivision at 103 Habitat Ridge Drive, the home caused its own traffic jam as fans turned out for tours. “We donate the lot and build the house,”… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Oh, Baby: A manners and new mothers redux

Sue Schleifer, Sandy LaBry, Paddy Bowman, Hector LaSala

The Duchess of Cambridge has provided the world with yet another opportunity to review society’s manners toward new mothers. This is rarely talked of, but thanks to Kate Middleton, get ready to hear journalists gush again over Middleton’s post-partum appearances and baby Charlotte’s progress.
Please refrain. Once etiquette standards disappear, they rarely return. And while no one begrudges… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Ladies who lunch

Lauren Naquin, Dana Young, Erin Smith

Ladies who lunch took on a whole new meaning as United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council met at the newly re-designed Hilton. A movement of women whose goal is to influence the condition of Acadiana children through advocacy, the Dolly Parton Imagination Library project has purportedly reached 17,000 area children and the focus was early learning and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Friend of the Humanities Lunch

Sylvia Bienvenu, Joyce Bonin, Patricia Coleman, Didi Battle

The Friends of the Humanities welcomed author Barbara Barnes Sims to the podium at a recent Petroleum Club luncheon. Sims was employed at Sun Records as a publicist and remembered Elvis, in addition to legendary entertainers Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, while accompanied by footage and her memoir, “The Next Elvis: Searching… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Medicine woman

Kathleen Williams, Lanier Cordell, Carol Trosclair Lamson

Lanier Cordell spoke to a Sunday crowd about the benefits of medicinal herbs, the strictly legal variety, that is. An herbalist and Louisiana Master Gardener, the Opelousas resident makes almost all her own home remedies, and those taking it in over cookies and tea at the Alexandre Mouton House included… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: ‘Krewefish Boil’

Catherine Trahan, Kim Minyard

They managed to get a deal on crawfish somewhere, because we certainly can’t. The ladies of Xanadu treated their men to a spring couples social at Route 92 in Youngsville, complete with happy hour crawfish boil, thanks to organizers Kim Minyard, Kathy Sawyer, Stefani Celio and Susan Moncrief. By the… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Rhythms on the river

Christine LeBlanc, Anna Rucks, Katie Romig

It’s the place to see and be seen, at least for the next six weeks. The outdoor concert series in River Ranch Town Square was alive with block party fans as Bag of Donuts took the stage. The quarter-century strong New Orleans cover band covered every rock song known to man in full regalia, and with… Continue reading →

Exploring Judas’ last days through theater

Photo provided by the Lauren-Reilly Eliot Company -- Cortland Melton (left) takes on the role of Jesus and rebukes Judas, played by Andre Trahan, right, in 'The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.'

While “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” may be a too-hot cup of tea for the theologically fragile, it’s a delicious post-Easter dessert for everyone else. First staged off-Broadway in 2005 and directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Stephen Adley Giurgis’ dark comedy-drama employs flashbacks to an imaginary childhood, plus lawyers who call for the testimonies from… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Follow the money

Lisa Bouillion, Christel Jones, Jeanne Lantier

Follow the money Lafayette’s own Suzy Orman, Linda Malin, addressed the ladies at a Petroleum Club Tea on the subject of money and managing it. Malin, a certified financial planner with UBS, says “It looks hard, but it’s like a recipe. Planning to manage your money is not complicated, you follow the… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Mouton House vignettes

Melanie McKenzie, Laura Ann Edwards

You couldn’t stir them with a stick — everybody who is anybody was at this one and a bunch more besides. Twenty-two designers displayed their table talents at Vignettes — The Art of the Tabletop 2015 on behalf of the Alexandre Mouton House. The Lafayette Museum Association provided… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: The British aren’t coming, they’re here

Helene Marie Thian, Raoul Blanco

Anglophiles are ecstatic over “Downton Abbey,” and why not. The series, now in its fifth season with another already commissioned, has its own recaps in the Washington Post and women everywhere are enthralled. “It’s so … Downton,” said one surveying a department store jewelry counter to her friend. It’s hard to argue with success. Admirers of all… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Hospice does brunch

Elizabeth Kobetz, Eli Touchet, David Kobetz

What better way to spend a spring Sunday? Hospice of Acadiana spent theirs fun-raising at River Oaks with JB Saxx &The Band plus a slew of guests, and if flowers weren’t quite blooming yet, they were on the dresses. Just back from a milestone trip to Australia, band… Continue reading →