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Patricia Gannon: The king’s breakfast

PJ Voorhies III

Wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king? Pothier Jean Voorhies III was in high spirits as host of a City Club breakfast Mardi Gras Day. Lights and sirens preceded his arrival as the King’s Men escorted him to his traditional pre-parade breakfast, and attending the merry monarch were Leisa and Sonny… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: All Hail the King

Josh and Lindsey Billeaud, Becky Voorhies, Sport Voorhies

His Majesty King Gabriel LXXVI Pothier Jean Voorhies III held his royal luncheon at the Cajundome Convention Center amid family and loyal subjects. The Second Line played outside to welcome one and all, while inside security was heavier than the White House as dukes and maids posed for portraits upstairs. Among those awaiting their boutonnieres and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: We’re all one in the etiquette sun

Charlie and Maggie Justus, Mark Broussard

Sadly, etiquette hasn’t caught up with same sex couples. It has its hands full at the moment with straight people and social media. Society is desperately trying to hold the etiquette line, period, and you are in for an awful disappointment if you believe otherwise. So what to do? Couples will need to graciously lead the way and set… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Let’s move forward, please

Tim Lege, Justin Lege,Danielle Lege, Phillip LeBlanc

Like guests who don’t know when to go, certain phrases have camped out in our language living room. Doubtless they were clever when they arrived and entertaining in small doses, but they’ve worn out their welcome in society. English is a wonderful thing and passed the million-word mark some time ago, so it’s not as if there… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: College basketball reunion, Allons Danser

Pamela and Pavel Samsonov, Laurie Abshire, William Cheung

It was so loud, you’d have thought it was game day. Basketball royalty from forever ago met at the UL-Lafayette Alumni House to reunite and reminisce. “This was the heyday, one of them at least,” said “Voice of the Cajuns” Don Allen. Celebrating the players, coaches and their supporting casts at The University of Southwestern Louisiana… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Troubadours fetes past kings

Don Johnson, Mike Crochet, Charlie Bernard

The Order of the Troubadours honored its kings both past and present with an elegant banquet in City Club’s Fleur de Lis ballroom. “I was a company president for 40 years, and someone else would have done all this,” laughed event chair Chuck Lein. “I’ve been here since 7:30 this morning.” Oh, but so well worth… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Rumor has it

Rumors, those twisted tales with just enough truth to keep them going, where somebody told someone else about something somebody said. You know it when you hear it — a story in circulation without confirmation or certainty, yet somehow impossible to stop. Society’s rife with them, so much so their coverage often has a section all to itself.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Triton queen holds luncheon

Donna Lyon, Lorinda Chavez, Rocha Alemany

There were mimosas and more as Triton Queen Kelly Ortego feted her ladies and a few gentlemen with a private Sunday luncheon at Joey’s. Although predominantly a ladies’ affair, His Majesty Troy Knight was there along with the queen’s husband, Craig Ortego. Among those dancing attendance on her majesty were Pat Liebert, Donna Lyon, pretty Rocha Alemany, Julaine… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Brigands Ball

Peter Piccione, Blaine Goodrich

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum. Les Brigands de Lafitte held its masked ball at the Heymann Center, and as is tradition, ladies were lined up for days — some as early as 3 p.m. — for the honor of being called out for an evening dance with these pirate gentlemen. The January sunshine… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Attakapas Maids

A woman complained recently within earshot about a new, nationally known store whose service fell short of expectations. She’d called the manager, who explained the offending employee was just visiting and the unfortunate scenario would likely not recur. Unmoved, the lady replied, “Well, she needs to learn how to visit in Cajun country.” The woman was right.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: And the winner is...

As a former movie columnist, I consider it my duty to help society make sense of the Academy of Motion Pictures Oscar nominees. Rest assured, there is a method to its madness, and it never takes long for the pattern to emerge. In fact, with very little exception, it is the same selection process as always, and you… Continue reading →

Getting financially fit in 2015

Advocate staff photo by Patricia Gannon -- Linda Malin is a certified financial planner with UBS.

Linda Malin used to accompany her grandmother when she conferred with her stockbroker. As a little girl, Malin didn’t know what was happening, but somehow knew her grandmother was taking care of business. “She was unusual for her time,” Malin said. “When I grew up, it became my ambition and business to manage money like my… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Our new favorite

Chad Theriot, Rachael and Ethan Sudul

The Krewe of Carnivale en Rio showed its fun Brazilian side to a full house at the Cajundome Convention Center. Latin cuties welcomed the crowd upon arrival, but inside all was on “Lock Down” for King Dom Pedro Blake Williams and Queen Isabel Lynn Williams. Keeping law ’n’ order were PR Director Rachael Sudul, “Judge Judy”… Continue reading →

Hunters reconnect veterans with the outdoors

Advocate photo by Patricia Gannon -- Troy Coleman, a veteran of Iraq, is now president of Hero Hunts, an organization that takes veterans hunting.

Troy Coleman was once an infantry front line gunner in Iraq. Now his sights are set on a different target. As president of Hero Hunts, an organization based in Maurice whose mission is to reintroduce disabled veterans to the outdoor life, he provides equipment such as wheelchairs and specially equipped boats. He doesn’t talk… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Single-sex gatherings perpetuate own traditions

Long the subject of a certain kind of sophomoric movie, a night out with only men or only women traditionally ends with one or more arrests and guests having to make bail before the sun rises. Segregating the sexes is always an iffy proposition and alcohol doesn’t help the phenomenon. However, properly given, such a night out is… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Eve of the Eve

Jennifer Trahan, Chee Chee Gielen, Renee Nugier

Oh, what a night. The Grand Opera House of the South in Crowley hosted its inaugural fundraising gala on Dec. 30 in Le Grand Hall Ballroom. Décor donor Paul Michael conjured the faerie glamour complete with aerialists, dancers, living statues, servers and guardsmen — all in costumes reminiscent of Shakespeare’s “A… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Word on the street is …

Head’s up, gentlemen. Although your fashion trends have been fortified against intruders for ages, your suit and tie are under siege and somewhere between society and the gym, your clothes were sacked. The guys who ordered this fashion coup come from the entertainment and sports industries, and your Mad Men days may be numbered. Just… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Spring fashion trends

Nancy and Jim Prince

Being a fashion designer is a lot like living south of the Equator. When it’s cold elsewhere, it’s warm and vice versa. So even as you button up against wintry blasts, next season’s sunny trends are already fixed. They’re difficult to narrow down this spring, because, according to who you believe, there are as few as 10 or… Continue reading →

Patrica Gannon: A true Christmas carol

Christmas came early this year, judging by the stores stringing lights before Halloween and Black Friday shoppers stepping out before the turkey thawed. “You see it and grab it before anyone else can get to it,” said one shopper in The Acadiana Advocate. “I don’t need two TVs, and I don’t plan on giving my kids… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Ring-a-ling

Jeigh Stipe, Sister Betty Lyons, Elizabeth Arnold, Darlene Lovas

It’s Christmastime in the city. The Palmetto Club hosted Silver Bell Soiree 2014, complete with Champagne and sleigh bells at the door. The annual fundraiser benefits the Lafayette Community Health Care Clinic and proceeds go to provide much-needed services for the working uninsured. Doing their share: Terry and Jan Cromwell, Sangeeta and Anil Shah, Elizabeth Abdalla, Jeigh Stipe, Sister… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Announcing 2014’s ‘Naughty List’

Society has always been my favorite crime, and 2014 was a very good year. Like the foreign gentleman who approached my daughter at a local restaurant. In our society, women may venture out alone and this does not spell loose. They are often waiting to have lunch with their American mothers, who make D-Day look like a… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Holiday tea

Jeanne Lantier, Cindy Robichaux, Pat Olson

The Petroleum Club ushered in the holidays with some festive red and green — tea that is. Barbara Judice and Kelli Hanna of Indulge riffed on the topic while the guests made merry with the results. “If you can’t connect with someone over a cup of tea and dessert, it’s a sad day,” said Judice. Connecting were Fran Kellner,… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Be not hesitant to entertain strangers

’Tis the season to be jolly and the time to make merry once more. Hosts everywhere are making that list, checking it twice, and it’ll soon be clear who’s naughty and nice. Nothing brings out the best and worst in people like a house party. Hosts, there’s nothing worse than a holiday humbug. They make movies… Continue reading →

Festival to feature master puppeteers

Photo provided -- A large puppet armature in progress.

Brady McKellar used to get up at 5:30 a.m. as a child just to watch “The Muppets.” As a result, that’s his 20-foot, 5-man egret you’ll see chasing fish down the street at Festival International 2015. “All of a sudden, there’s art that happens in front of them,” said McKellar. “We’re still talking about scheduling.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Honors for former governor

Kathleen Blanco, Robert and Jackie Vincent

Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco has been inducted into the Order of Living Legends by the Acadiana Museum of Erath. Blanco was honored by the Fondation Culturelle du Patrimoine Acadien for her dedicated promotion of Acadian culture, and among those attending were Warren and Mary Perrin, Daniel Bentley, Kermit Bouillion and Robert and Jackie Vincent.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

Kathleen Blanco, Steve Oubre

Blanche Dubois famously said, “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” Make no mistake, in society, like everywhere else, deceit and duplicity run their crooked courses, and every year I’m forever grateful for angels who step forward out of nowhere. “Rob” at CC’s on Johnston, who introduced himself just to say how much he… Continue reading →

UL-Lafayette alumnus exhibits at Art Association

Advocate staff photo by PATRICIA GANNON -- Artist Terry Palmer considers his sculptures to be shaman, traiteurs, witch doctors, wise men or other characters that acknowledge forces of the spirits and other dimensions.

Most people sense when they’ve drifted onto the high plains of the masculine psyche, because the signposts are obvious — dangerous edges, metal, and jagged wood are dead giveaways, so are hard surfaces, any kind of camouflage, dark hooded features and Terry Palmer’s sculpture. “I don’t use the broken rough ends anymore,” he said. “I… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Death by Chocolate

Kay Texada, David Bennett, Mariusz Smolij, Pat Olson

You needed a shoe horn to get them in. People were lined up like a New York nightclub for Death by Chocolate, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra’s newest fundraiser, and it’s a good thing the fire marshal didn’t happen by. Presented by Lee Michaels, the Louisiana Restaurant Association, Schilling and Three Olives Chocolate et al, the entire evening centered on… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: 'I’m not a feminist, but ... '

Frank Creaghan, Janet and Joel Gooch

Alright, ladies, just quit it. Stop starting your cocktail conversations with “I’m not a feminist, but …” and then finish with whatever political, social or economic statement you’ve started to make in public. You’re a feminist or you wouldn’t be speaking up politically, socially or economically in public. The definition of a feminist is one who adheres… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Reception Fetes Homecoming Queen

Julie Hebert, Madeleine Ortte, Danika Arenibas

What a pretty girl, and a credit to her family and school to boot. Madeleine Ortte was honored with an Alumni House champagne reception at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Friends, family, and VIP guests paid court after the traditional Sunday Mass and the autumn sun shone brightly on Miss Ortte. Arriving early were proud grandparents John and… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: What’s in a Name? Plenty, Part II

Carolyn Guilbeaux, Carol Fox Behrens, Barbara Savoie

Not so very long ago, Lone Star state representative Dennis Bonnen made the mistake of comparing Katrina evacuee children to those now coming into Texas from Central America. The unfortunate Bonnen made the comment during a government hearing that, “There’s a significant difference. We had to have a teacher who could do coonass in English but here… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the local stars The Academy of the Sacred Heart held its third annual Dancing with the Stars fundraiser at the Cajundome, no less — that’s what it took to hold guests and supporters. A society darling since its inception, the event graduated this year to a larger facility, and among the many tripping the light fantastic… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Women and that age-old question

Judy Kennedy, Kat Movassaghi, Amy Hanks

Sadly, it’s still depressingly popular for women in society to decry their age, to demur and refuse to announce the arrival of Father Time, to hide from him like he’s some kind of bad date come to pick them up in a beat-up Cadillac. Ladies, he knows where you live. Granted, America is a tough… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: What not to say to the seriously ill

Michael Doumit, Darrellyn Burts, Keith Derouen

Society used to have ways that the miserable among us could warn people to treat them gently, such as black clothes, black-edged writing paper or black wreaths on the door. But those were the days before the Internet notion that what everyone really needed was complete disclosure. Enter the seriously ill, who now must not… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: For she’s a jolly good fellow

Lou Oliver, Valerie Barnes, Barb Hardesty

Lucky Sally Ware turned another year older in the company of family and friends. Honored with a house party at the Harrington Drive home of Marlene Milam, it was the perfect birthday with a cocktail buffet, three cakes and a lovely autumn view. Among those wishing the lady well were Foxie and Stephan Palumbo, Lou Oliver, Dan Hare, Marty… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Social hugging is epidemic

Mitch Reed, Kendrick Benoit

Come all ye young huggers and listen to me. Social kissing’s bad enough, now this. Millennials have brought their college customs to the workplace and among them is hugging. The men hug the men, the women hug the women, the men hug the women and they’re going to hug you. Hugging’s here and those of… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Apollo does brunch

David Moore, Jimmy Poole, Danny Davis

Fresh from their revelry the night before, The Mystic Krewe of Apollo was back at it for Sunday brunch at the Bons Temps Grill. Hosted by past royalty Kendrick Benoit and Mitch Reed in honor of majesties David Moore and Danny Davis, the place was packed, parking was in the road, but everyone was bright-eyed including Darrell Frugé, Conrad… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: How to talk FashionSpeak, updated

Mattie Coffman, Glenda Matt, Vernon Coffman

September was fashion’s biggest month. It’s when New York Fashion Week takes place, now dubbed the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for its official sponsor, and only industry insiders and other terrificos get to attend. The rest of the world must do its best to not only figure out what to wear but what they’re talking about.… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Hemophilia Foundation hosts gala

Anna Stevens, Peggy and Robert Wooley

These are nice people, ladies and gentlemen all. The Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation held A Night of Culinary Delights at River Oaks to raise money and awareness for their cause. “We actually provide anything families need — co-payments, meals, gas, as well as education and retreats,” said Erica Simpson. “It’s the most expensive disease of all to treat, often upwards… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Jim Slatten, Pat Olson, Lou Anne Greenwald, Lise Anne Slatten

Getting together face to face instead of on Facebook requires a different skill set. While no longer the primary or even secondary interaction for many, actually going out to meet people was once the way society worked. It’s just that people without the social savvy to do so are increasingly the norm and genuine conversation’s become an alien… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Symphony League stages autumn coffee

Sally Burdette, Lea Carleton, David Bennett

The Acadiana Symphony League met at the Old Settlement home of Debra Sonnier, and we don’t know of a prettier setting or ladies either, for that matter. There were mimosas and more while the members chatted, and not missing a beat were Pat Olson, Executive Director Jenny Krueger, Maestro Mariusz Smolij, Veronica Rodrigue, Chorale Acadienne’s Beth Finch, newcomers Sherry… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Tennis, anyone? And other society pursuits

Jerry Simmons, Ashley Rhoney

It’s true, some sports are society sports and some are not. Tennis, golf, horses and lacrosse are society sports, long indulged in by the wealthy or those wishing to affect it. Hockey and football are not, and neither is bowling. It doesn’t matter that the president has bowling lanes in the White House. “Tennis, anyone?” is still… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Physicians host kickoff party

Dr. Troy Antill and Kati Antill

Was there a doctor in the house? Yes, more than 50 of them, and their spouses, too, as the Lafayette Parish Medical Society and the Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance kicked off the season with a membership party at Mazen Grill. The boards of both… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Acronyms should be against the law

Doug Saloom, Kaliste Saloom, Robert McBride, Kyle Gideon, Chuck Mouton

As if the English language were not in enough trouble, acronyms are gaining momentum. Their popularity shows no sign of waning, and as a shortcut to communication they appear here to stay. It’s not so much the onslaught of texting shorthand — the ROFLs, LOLs and TTYLs that get on the nerves — these tend to stay in… Continue reading →

Patricia Gannon: Red ’n’ White Night

Linda Broussard and Phyllis Giordano

No, it wasn’t the Ragin’ Cajuns, just Krewe of Zeus showing their support thereof. This elegant group teams up several times a year for dining and dancing at the Petroleum Club, and if it falls on game night, oh well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Kicking it old school were Commodore Dan Devenport, glamorous… Continue reading →