Side Dish: Drop 10 Diet

Lucy Danziger, editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine, along with Beth Janes and the magazine’s editors, has written a cooking companion to last year’s “The Drop 10 Diet,” which featured a five-week diet plan.

Didn’t get the earlier book? Don’t worry. The introduction to “The Drop 10 Diet Cookbook: More Than 100 Tasty, Easy Superfood Recipes That Effortlessly Peel Off Pounds” offers enough information about the plan to help you meet your goals.

What the authors call the “no-diet diet” centers around eating a range of 30 “superfoods,” including almond butter, apples, cherries, coffee, dark chocolate, eggs, wild salmon, yogurt, quinoa and goji berries.

To test recipes from the book, I went looking for the tart, red-orange, sun-dried goji berries and finally located a 4-ounce bag ($6) at Whole Foods.

The authors say these 30 foods contain ingredients that rev up your metabolism and curb your appetite. Their book’s main goal is “to compel you to rethink your notions of dieting altogether.” They provide meal planning ideas, suggestions for stocking the kitchen and recipes for breakfast, main meals, snacks, cocktails and desserts.

The book is illustrated with full-color photos and each recipe includes a nutritional breakdown.

This is an easy-to-read book with easy-to-prepare, tasty recipes.

Cheramie Sonnier is The Advocate’s Food editor. Her email address is