Smiley: Easter finery

Joe Cooper says the approach of Palm Sunday and Easter remind him of this tale he heard from the priest at St. John the Evangelist in Prairieville on Palm Sunday, 2013:

“One Palm Sunday, for Mass, he wore his cardinal red robe.

“He heard a young girl in the congregation exclaim to her mother, ‘You see, HIS mother let him wear his new red Easter dress a week earlier than Easter Sunday!’ ”

Interior decorating

Faye Talbot says, “While shopping, my sister and I discovered a new item the other day — refrigerator liners.

“They are large sheets of absorbent white paper with drawings of green vegetables.

“A lady overheard us as we were discussing the benefits of not having sticky shelves.

“She said, ‘That is a good idea, but it doesn’t go with my decor.’

“We’ve never known anyone who had decor inside their refrigerator.

“I’m not sure what our decor would be — possibly the colors of moldy cheese or very over-ripe vegetables.

“What is the decor inside YOUR fridge?”

(Last time I checked, it was pretty much Heineken green. …)

Musical interlude

John L. Tarver says talk of song lyrics brings to mind “The Book of Bad Songs” by Dave Barry, which named “MacArthur Park” and its “cake left out in the rain” as the worst tune.

There’s also a chapter on “Songs People Get Wrong.”

John says, “It includes The Four Tops’ ‘Ain’t No Woman Like a One-Eyed Gott,’ and my personal favorite, from the Beach Boys’ ‘Help me Rhonda,’ where the Boys lament, ‘Well, since she put me down, I’m been out doin’ in my head.’

“Heard as ‘… there’s been owls pukin’ in my bed.’ ”

Nights at the races

I always thought the practice of couples parking at City Park Lake at night to watch the submarine races was exclusively a Baton Rouge thing.

But Art Christy says there were races in New Orleans too.

Discussing nostalgia items on old restaurants, he said, “In the early ’60s on a Friday night, $10 would cover a downtown movie, two beers (no ID required), a shared pizza and admission to the submarine races at the point on Lake Pontchartrain.”

Juicy story!

My tale of discovering the difference between grits and cream of wheat in Minneapolis reminded me of this story from Dwight Cason, the barber:

When he visited the home of a senior client to cut his hair, the gent was eating breakfast:

“For at least 15 minutes, his young grandson kept eyeing his grandfather’s juice and saying how much he loved grape juice, and how his mom always said it was OK for him to have it.

“Finally, he pointed to Grandpa’s glass and asked for some.

“His grandpa gave him some in a small glass, and the grandson took about four big swallows.”

Which is how the lad discovered the difference between grape juice and prune juice. …

Not our guy

Ronnie Stutes was startled to hear a CNN anchor end an interview about the missing Malaysian airliner by saying, “Les Miles, thank you.”

He says, “As my mind raced trying to think of what possible angle they could be exploring with the coach (Nick Saban did it, perhaps?), a glance at the TV screen revealed no one in an LSU hat.

“As it turns out, they had been interviewing Les Abend, a pilot and contributing editor to Flying magazine, and journalist Miles O’Brien, both of whom are apparently on a first-name basis with the anchor.”

Looking for stuff

Tonya G. Robertson says the Young Leaders Academy needs help with Mardi Gras/masquerade decorations for its Mother-Son Dinner Dance on April 26. Call (225) 346-1583 or email

Special People Dept.

Judith B. Comeaux, of Lakeland, celebrates her 94th birthday Thursday.

James W. Rodriguez, of Walker, a World War II veteran, celebrates his 93rd birthday Thursday.

Thomas and Margaret Moore celebrated 60 years of marriage Friday.

Thought for the Day

From Shirley Fleniken: “A fool and his money are soon parted. The rest of us wait until income tax time.”

Do the rat thing

L.P. Miller continues our seminar on Southern accents:

“Some time ago, I attended an advertising convention in the South; in Atlanta, Nashville or Memphis.

“On arrival, they told me to get registered.

“There was a table in the lobby, marked with a placard: ‘Sign in Rat Cheer.’

“So, I walked rat over and signed in.

“As I recall, it was a rat good session.”

Give ’em credit

Alex Chapman, of Ville Platte, gives us another reason to love small places:

“Growing up in Small Town USA, as we got older, we had a unique sort of credit check from merchants/bankers who might not recognize us:

“ ‘Now who’s your mama and daddy?’ ”

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