Smiley: Voters strike back!

Paul Major offers this modest proposal:

“With the Legislature now in session, and this being the beginning of a two-year-long election cycle, I propose we add this to the ‘There oughta be a law!’ list for them to consider:

“Require all candidates to make public their home telephone numbers and the time they usually sit down for their evening meal.

“Not for any particular reason, but just saying. …”

Defiant geezer

Fritz McCameron waxes poetic (more or less) to give us “A Geezer’s Philosophy:”

I spoke with a fellow named Sam.

He said, “Am I old? Yes, I am.

“I was once a youth callow

“But now I lie fallow

“And frankly, I don’t give a damn!”

Our state bird

This time of year we start getting reports of the first robins, the first purple martins etc.

George Atherton offers this unique sighting:

“I am reporting the first sighting of the year of a herd of mosquitoes on Sunday night in my yard.

“The several hundred that I have not yet swatted also greeted me on Monday and Tuesday nights (planting by the moon is hell!).

“It is my observation that they have probably been sharpening their teeth all winter.”

TV memories

Oneal Isaac needs help:

“I was born in 1950, and as a very young child I remember watching a black-and-white TV drama that still haunts me.

“It was about a farmer bitten by a skunk that may have been rabid. So he chains himself in the yard and tells his family that he might go mad and not to listen to him — while they wait for someone to go get help from far away.

“He starts to realize that his family is in danger (from a flood?) and tries to convince them to now listen to him.

“Do any of your great readers remember anything remotely like that? Maybe it was on something like ‘The Alcoa Hour.’ ”

Thank-you note

Jeff Dorson, director of the Humane Society of Louisiana, says the group, and the state’s pet lovers, thank First Bank and Trust, of New Orleans, for the help in raising funds to buy a “TransPUPtation van,” a “top-of-the-line transport and adoption van, so that we will be able to transport adoptable animals to loving homes in other parts of the country!”

In its first adoption run, 27 rescued dogs from the area were sent north to new homes on the East Coast.


Altar time

This is the season for food-laden St. Joseph’s Altars such as the one at St. Stephen Catholic Church on Napoleon Avenue in New Orleans.

After Mass and blessing of the altar at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, meals will be served at 11:30 a.m. The altar can be viewed until 6 p.m.

Special People Dept.

Marguerite Chabaud, of Paulina, celebrates her 93rd birthday on Monday.

Horace and Doris Shell, of Slidell, celebrate 63 years of marriage on Monday.

Bob and Betty Edwards Guchereau, of Lafayette, celebrate their 58th anniversary on Monday.

Animal house

Shirley Fleniken says, “As I was attempting to take a shower one day, my 2-year-old little girl (this was a long time ago) and my husband couldn’t seem to stay out of the bathroom, and kept leaving the door wide open.

“ ‘So much for privacy,’ I thought.

“There was a cool breeze coming into the bathroom, and I was getting chilled.

“After asking them to shut the door several times, with no luck, I shouted gruffly, ‘Close the door! There’s a draft in here!’

“My 2-year-old daughter ran into the bathroom, shouting, ‘Where? Where? Where is the giraffe?’ ”

They got de-icer!

After Bob Downing couldn’t find a Western Auto store to replace the de-icer he bought from them several years ago, we heard from many folks about Western Auto and the independent stores that kept the name after the end of the national chain.

Craig Pujol offers this:

“My dad, Ray Pujol, started the Western Auto store in Bunkie in 1953 and expanded to two more stores in Marksville and Cottonport.

“The Cottonport and Bunkie locations are still under operation as Western Auto stores, and are owned by my brother and myself respectively.

“Dad is 88 years old and still comes to work every day! (And he says OUR de-icer works!)”

Tires for the bride

Here’s my favorite Western Auto tale so far:

Glenda Barras says, “Speaking of growing up in Small Town USA, instead of registering for bridal gifts at a department or jewelry store, I made my list of ‘necessities’ at the Western Auto in Abbeville.

“No china, silver or crystal for me.

“Eventually, I did get the nice things in life. It only took 20 years of licking Green Stamps.”

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