Smiley: Chatty Luis

I can relate to Ronnie Stutes’ recent experience, and maybe you can, too:

“I went to the Cox website to ask a question about my Internet service.

“They offered an online chat feature so I could get my answer immediately.

“Here is the full transcript of my online chat with a friendly Cox representative:

“ ‘Thank you for choosing Cox Communications. A representative will be with you shortly.’

“ ‘You are now chatting with Luis N.’

“Luis N.: ‘We have not heard from you for some time. Do you wish to continue to chat?’

“Me: ‘Yes. You’re not there, are you? This is automated, right?’

“Luis N.: ‘I’ll be right with you.’

“Me: ‘That’s automated, too.’

“Luis N.: ‘Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.’

“Me: ‘More automated.’

“Luis N.: ‘I’m sorry for the delay. I’ll be right with you.’

“Me: ‘Still more automated.’

“Luis N.: ‘Welcome to Cox Online Technical Support. I will be assisting you throughout this chat session.’

“ ‘Your chat session has been disconnected unexpectedly. Please feel free to chat with us again if you need further assistance.’ ”

The Meadow Dweller

Another story about accents from Ina G. Navarre:

“Years ago, my husband, Andrew, was called to serve on a jury here in Baton Rouge.

“He made it through the first few rounds of the ‘jury inquisition’ and finally found himself being interviewed by the prosecuting and defense attorneys.

“When asked, ‘Where did you grow up?’ Andrew answered that he was born in Baton Rouge but his family soon moved to Golden Meadow.

“At this point, the judge banged his gavel and told Andrew he must be lying because he had been to Golden Meadow many times, and no one there sounded like Andrew.

“So Andrew turned to the judge and said, ‘Mais cher, how come you don’ believe me? I tole you de trut. My daddy teach at Sout Lafourche High School and I went to Our Lady o’ de Sea Church.’

“The courtroom erupted in laughter, and my husband was promptly dismissed.”

Happy birthday, Fats

Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, says reading in The Advocate of Fats Domino’s 86th birthday reminded him of “the time back in the 1980s when he played at the Plaquemine Civic Center.

“We hung around after his performance until he came out from backstage. He sat and talked with us.

“When we mentioned we were from Donaldsonville, he asked us about Tony and Ralph Falsetta.

“Tony had the Town and Country Club back when Fats was just getting started, and he would often play there.”

Getting results

Marie A. Merrill says her son Glenn may have been instrumental in starting the cleanup of a neglected cemetery on Old Hammond Highway mentioned by a reader:

“My son wrote a letter to the Cemetery Board in Metairie concerning the cemetery.

“He had ridden his bike along a path leading to the graves and saw the overgrown mess as far back as 2012.

“This may have started some action to clear the area.

“He also contacted the 311 call center. He did not give up.”

Looking for stuff

Timothy Muffitt, music director of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, says the symphony needs “two deep, nonpitched bells (something that would sound like church bells) for our upcoming performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2.

“We can pick them up and return them, and promise they will be handled with great TLC (only played by professionals)!

“We can probably even work out a deal for some free tickets!”

Contact Jim Hanna at (225) 383-0500, ext. 103, or

Ralph Drouin says St. Louis King of France School, 2311 N. Sherwood Forest Blvd., “accepts old cellphones, if anyone wants to donate them.”

Special People Dept.

Nola Webre, of Maringouin, celebrated her 96th birthday on Monday, March 3.

Maude Landry Amorello celebrated her 92nd birthday on Sunday, March 2.

J.L. and Norma Borne Gautreau, of Prairieville, celebrated 57 years of marriage on Sunday, March 2.

Here endeth the visit

Margaret Bacon Miller adds to our collection of stories about kids and church:

“The minister in my childhood town of Crowley was visiting in our home one day. He brought his young son with him.

“Several times the little boy came into the room where we were visiting, and each time asked his dad for ‘a little word of prayer.’

“My mother said that was just too precious and endearing of the child.

“The minister said that what the child really wanted was to go home — and that the boy knew that whenever his minister father asked his host, ‘Can we have a little word of prayer?’ they would be leaving momentarily.”

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