Smiley: Say what?

Glenn Giro, of Denham Springs, adds to our stories on accents:

“Once, when checking in at a Natchez motel, the lady behind the counter pronounced my first name ‘Ga-lay-ee-yun.’

“I had never had my five-letter name turned into four syllables before.

“However, the best was in Massachusetts in 1969.

“An Army buddy and I, driving the countryside on a Sunday afternoon, stopped at a roadside ice cream stand.

“I told the teenaged girl I wanted a vanilla frappe, with all the French pronunciation I could muster.

“She gave me a blank stare, even after I repeated it a couple of times.

“I finally pointed to it at the top of their list on the wall behind her.

“She replied in her best New England accent, ‘Oh, ya meen a Nulla Fwaahp.’

“I replied, ‘Well, I guess I do.’ ”

Der Toofarey

Sylvia Spaht says, “Our granddaughter, Piper Van der Bellen, wrote the Tooth Fairy after she and her new puppy, Fritz, both lost a tooth.

“Seems she overvalued those precious items, and then figured she could solve the mystery of what the fairy actually looked like, too.

“She’s a real thinker.”

Piper’s letter read:

“Der toofarey: This is my dog toof.

“Der toofarey: I los my too.

“Cud you give me 2004 dollrs?

“Wat you luc like?”

Piper thoughtfully drew a box at the bottom of her letter so the Toofarey could insert a picture (“pisra”) and send it back to her.

A star is born?

Chuck Perrodin urges us to watch “Strip the City” at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday on the Science Channel (Cox cable 101):

“It should be extremely interesting — and not just because I’m in it (or not; the cutting room floor is where most of me will probably be).”

The show features New Orleans, using CGI animation to show “what lies beneath the building, land, levees and hurricane protection structures of ‘Hurricane City.’ ”

Chuck has long been the featured vocalist in the Capitol Correspondents’ Gridiron Show (coming up March 28-29, by the way), but I doubt he’s singing in this one. …

Historic munchies

Cynthia Nobles, who does the “Bites of History” column for the Food section of The Advocate, has a request:

“I’d like to know if any of your readers remember what was served during the 1950s-60s in the snack area at Fazzio’s Bowling Alley, 1301 N. Rampart, in New Orleans.

“They can reach me at”

Good eats

Speaking of New Orleans cuisine, former Baton Rougean Bill Hammack says he’s proud of “our team at Link Restaurant Group,” which has three nominations for the prestigious James Beard Awards.

Donald Link is nominated for outstanding chef in America, the third year in a row he’s made the list (He was in the finals in 2012).

Ryan Prewitt, of Peche, is on the list for “Best Chef South” and Peche was nominated for “Best New Restaurant.”

The finalists will be named March 18.

The Duck Call State

Something tells me Jessica Smith, of Mount Vernon, Wash., has been watching a “reality” TV show set in Louisiana.

Jessica, a fifth-grader, picked Louisiana for her state report.

She needs material for a display on Louisiana, and requests “maps, pamphlets, information, magazines, license plates or duck calls.”

If you can help (especially with those duck calls), she’s at Conway School, Mrs. LaRocqueat’s Class, 19710 SR 534, Mount Vernon, WA 98274.

Mystery story

Mike Robinson says, “Near the southwest corner of University Lake there is a spillway bridge adjacent to Stanford Avenue.

“Some time ago, padlocks started appearing on the handrail. There are 15 padlocks now with no end in sight. Does anyone know why?”

Worthy causes

Folks with developmental disabilities are invited to a Mardi Gras dance and jambalaya Sunday, March 2, at BREC’s Womack Ballroom, put on by Circle Civitan. Call (225) 243-4985.

Special People Dept.

J.C. and Marie Cormier celebrated their 69th anniversary on Monday, Feb. 24.

Ridley and Anna Mae Hebert, of Paincourtville, celebrated their 65th anniversary on Feb. 12.

Pressing matter

Chuck Willis, of Elizabethtown, Ky., says this about the news that College Station, Texas, leads the nation in broken smartphones:

“Then there was the Aggie who thought his smartphone was broken because when he pressed the ‘Home’ button, he was still at school!”

The great escape

Diane O’Connor says, “I was face-timing my almost 3-year-old granddaughter, who lives in Plaquemine, when she suddenly exclaimed, ‘Dee-Dee, get out of that phone and come to my house, pleeease. …’ ”

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