Smiley: Fuelish things

“Faithful Reader” sent over a cartoon from the Union-Eagle newspaper in Princeton, Minn.

I’m not sure why it was sent to me, because I can’t imagine how it would apply to Louisiana.

See if you can figure it out:

It shows a news anchor making this announcement:

“As we reported to you yesterday, the cost of propane fuel continues to skyrocket! In order to assist those Minnesotans who use propane to heat their homes, the Minnesota Legislature has offered to construct a pipeline from the Capitol that will harness all of the HOT AIR emitting from its chambers.”

Love and football

Keith Horcasitas says in elementary school in New Orleans, “boys were paired with randomly picked girls by our teacher, and we were asked to give penny candy during the week before Valentine’s Day.

“Lo and behold, I got paired with Gigi, a neighbor, whom I secretly had a crush on.”

Keith says he gave her heart-shaped candy mints from the nearby K&B drug store.

“We were not allowed to reveal who the giver was till the big day, but I gave Gigi a hint: a heart symbol with a kiss on it.

“You see, Gigi was the first girl I had ever kissed.

“When I was 5 years old, my siblings tricked me into doing it for McKenzie’s glazed donuts.

“Valentine’s Day came, and I gave Gigi a big red rose from my grandmother’s garden.

“When Gigi plucked a thankful kiss on my cheek, all I could do was what any normal 10-year-old boy would do: I said “Yuk!” and continued playing football with my classmates.

Love and marriage

Valentine’s Day, with its celebration of love, is a good time to tell how two couples dealt with the arrival of their 50th year together.

Suzanne Lavergne recalled that she and husband Daly were LSU students when they married and moved into the LSU Married Students Apartments for $75 a month, including electricity and water:

“Tuition at LSU was $72, including admission to football games and all sports (your student ID was punched to get into the stadium).

“A new home was $20,000, a gallon of gas was 29 cents, a dozen eggs was 54 cents, a gallon of milk was 95 cents and a loaf of bread cost 21 cents.

“Some folks may remember those times, and some might even call them the ‘good old days’ — until you recall that everybody was poor back then.

“I went to the store recently for a pack of toilet paper and two of those new-fangled light bulbs, and the bill was $32.

“Enough reminiscing — we will now get on with the next 50 years!”

Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, says after she and husband Buddy had their union blessed at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Convent, where they were married 50 years ago, they attended a reception at Poche Plantation.

When she was asked the secret of 50 years of marriage, what she SAID was “Men have an innate need to be wanted. Allow your man to do things for you, even if you can do them yourself, and thank him for taking care of you.”

What she THOUGHT was “I need 50 more years to get Buddy to open and close my car door. …”

Tasteful idea!

“Taking into consideration that public service is your life, I have a favor to ask,” says a reader.

“With all the establishments that now offer king cakes in the Baton Rouge area, and with such little time remaining of the Mardi Gras season, would it be possible for all those bakers to deliver a complimentary cake to you for tasting?

“You could then pass on the results of your comprehensive study to your readers.

“I have family coming in soon and trust your taste buds.”

(The things I have to do to keep my readers happy…)

Think Cajun

Larry Sylvester says, regarding Mardi Gras songs, “At this time of year all the Cajun bands in Louisiana are playing the ‘Chanson de Mardi Gras,’ an instantly recognizable favorite of mine.”

Simon says

Mike Ledet says, “My favorite Mardi Gras song is a little different. It is ‘Take Me To The Mardi Gras’ by Paul Simon.”

Special People Dept.

Lucille Gendron, formerly of Vacherie, now at Williamsburg Retirement Community, celebrates her 97th birthday Sunday, Feb. 16.

Edna Lyons celebrates her 92nd birthday Friday, Feb. 14.

Cedric and Theresa Blanchard Vickers celebrate 56 years of marriage Saturday, Feb. 15.

Pizza etiquette

Alex Chapman, of Ville Platte, says, “Your ‘first pizza’ story (in the Wednesday column) reminds me of my first encounter (heavenly!).

“We were provided with knife and fork but no instructions on how to eat it.

“I learned to ALWAYS wait until the pizza cools before putting it in your mouth.”

(Unless, of course, you ENJOY molten cheese. …)

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: “Good moms let their kids lick the beaters.

“Great moms turn them off first!”

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