Smiley: Icy memories

Our recent bout with snow and ice is over, but the memory lingers on, in story and song.

Well, maybe not song, but in poetry (of a kind).

Fritz “Frosty” McCameron offers “From Mother Nature’s Victim: A Southern Lad in Winter:”

“ ‘Tis said, ‘The Frost is on the Pumpkin.’

Well, a chill runs up my spine

And my feet are getting colder

In these flimsy shoes of mine.

My eyes are red, my ears are white

My nose is turning blue.

I’ve a face deserving pity

(Though of patriotic hue).

Now it’s icily apparent,

As I’m chilled right to the bone:

It is I, a Southern bumpkin

That the frost has fallen on.”

Accidental mourner

After Mickey Christensen wrote about car headlights in funeral processions, Sam Raney told this story:

“Back in the 1980s, I worked on Government Street for Gulf States Utilities, and several of us would gather at the Frostop for lunch, in the room behind the kitchen.

“One day a motorcycle officer joined us, and told about a funeral he had escorted.

“One man decided not to wait for the cars to pass, and broke in between two cars in line.

“The officer saw him and ran his cycle up beside the car and had the man roll his window down.

“He asked if the man knew the person in the hearse — and after the man admitted he didn’t, the officer told him ‘Too bad, you are going to the cemetery with us.’

“He made him go all the way to Greenoaks with the family and friends.

“Never forgot it.”

Think rural

Alan Crnko, of Holden, says, “We in Livingston Parish don’t have the problem Mickey Christensen mentioned about funeral processions and headlights being on.

“We just wait for the last tractor to pass.”

Love and pizza

“Speaking of memories of pizza in Baton Rouge,” says Anne Johnston, “when my husband, Jim, and I were dating in the ’50s, he introduced me to pizza at the Italian Gardens on Convention Street.

“Two Italian salads, two ‘root beers’ and a shared pizza cost under 5 bucks, and this great little restaurant had white tablecloths and wonderful atmosphere.”

Dolores Benedetto says, “My first pizza came from the Pastime after a date on Friday night — when Catholics had to wait until after midnight to eat meat.

“The pizza was hot and steamy, and that first bite was the best ever.

“Maybe it was that pizza that kept me and my special date, Nick, together for over 53 years now.”

That’s disgusting!

After I told of my Italian mom’s adventures with garlic and roast beef, I got this story from Edwin Barras:

“When my aunt, from the Frozen North, visited our house for the first time, my mother served a roast studded with garlic (a real treat for us).

“My aunt didn’t eat the meat — and years later she confessed she thought the meat had worms.”

Worthy causes

Dream Day Foundation benefits from a wild game cookoff Saturday, Feb. 8, at Erwinville’s new recreation center on U.S. 190 next to Sandy’s Daiquiris.

Food service starts at 4 p.m., and there’ll be karaoke, auctions, desserts and more.

Call (225) 627-5221 or visit

Special People Dept.

Beatrice Butler, of Ponchatoula, celebrates her 93rd birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Helen Collet celebrates her 90th birthday on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

James and Evelyn Chustz, of Ventress, celebrated their 50th anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Wonder what city?

George Lane claims to have seen this on the Internet shortly after a certain traffic nightmare caused by 2 inches of snow:

“Immediate job opportunity in major Deep South city:

“Emergency manager needed with experience in urban traffic management with more than one inch of snow.

“Must have basic computer skills, with Internet access to the Weather Channel and Facebook. …”

In economic news …

Alex Crochet, of Abbeville, says, “Judging from Wall Street’s performance, they must have bet on Denver in the Super Bowl.”

In medical news …

In our “Kick ’Em While They’re Down” department, I received this post-Super Bowl message Monday from Russ Wise, of LaPlace, who’s in our nation’s capital (a scary thought):

“Overheard at a seminar here in Washington today:

“ ‘I hear there’s a new vaccine out called the Broncos vaccine.

“ ‘If you take it you can’t catch anything.’ ”

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