Smiley: King cake to remember

Martha Wright provides me with my favorite king cake story so far this season:

“I discovered several years ago how to make a king cake quickly and easily.

“Start with two packages of crescent rolls. Put them in a circle and fill with praline cream cheese. Fold and bake for about 20 minutes. Ice with almond-flavored confectioners’ sugar and sprinkle on purple, green and gold colored sugar.

“This year, I once again prepared one for my ladies group, bringing it all warm — but with a slightly different aroma.

“The first taste, when warm, wasn’t too bad. But later, yuck!

“I discovered that Pillsbury now sells ‘buttery garlic’ flavored crescent rolls.

“We Louisiana cooks use a lot of garlic, but I don’t think a garlic king cake will ever become popular.”

Which reminds me

Actually, a garlic king cake would have been popular with my mom, Camille DeMarco Anders.

She never met a garlic clove she didn’t like.

The family joke was that her roast beef was only used as a holder for the garlic.

Garlic cloves were so liberally studded in the roast that the slices were brown and white — with equal measures of each color.

Bad spell

After this column mentioned “Crown Royal Canadian whiskey” as a popular beverage among the south Louisiana snowbound, I heard from readers interested in such things, who told me the correct spelling for Canadian and Scotch liquor is “whisky,” without the “e.” (American and Irish versions use “whiskey.”)

I had written “whisky,” but it was changed in the editing process in accordance with The Associated Press Stylebook, which reserves the spelling “whisky” exclusively for the product distilled in Scotland.

I knew the correct spelling for this brand name because, purely in the interest of accuracy, I had gone out and bought a bottle of Crown Royal — just so I could be sure about what was on the label.

(Note to Advocate expense account person: This purchase is listed under “Spelling Research.”)

Sign of the Apocalypse

Michale Mann says, “Some mornings I listen to ‘The ShineFM,’ a Christian station based in the northern Indiana/Chicago region.

“The morning show is hosted by a friend, Kurt Wallace, who with his sister, Dana Wallace Stauder, had a morning show at a Baton Rouge station where my wife, Jan, worked.

“One morning Lisa, one of the morning team, actually used the terms ‘healthy food’ and ‘Super Bowl’ IN THE SAME SENTENCE!

“I was pretty sure I felt a great disturbance in the football force. Physicist friends consulted colleagues around the nation and confirmed that this had thrown creation out of balance and violated the second law of thermodynamics.

“The consensus of every male physicist consulted was that the only way to counterbalance this apocalyptic ‘healthy food’ black hole and reverse the inevitable collapse of all creation is if during the game all men ate even more junk!”

(Thanks for the warning, Michael. I did my part with chili dogs and king cake.)

Nice People Dept.

Lee Denison says when he and wife, Ann, stopped by Sammy’s Grill in Prairieville for lunch, he was wearing his cap with “Korean Veteran Forever Proud” on it:

“After lunch I asked our server for our check. She told us our lunch was already paid for.

“We asked her who paid for our lunch, and she said he wished to remain anonymous.

“This act of kindness makes you feel our time and hardships were not in vain.

“Thank you from my heart.”

Take the cake

“Babies and children at Ochsner” benefit from a “King Cake Festival” from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 9, in Champions Square at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

The free event features music, a kids zone, fun run and, of course, king cakes “from the city’s greatest bakers.”

You’ll have a chance to vote on a People’s Choice Award for the best cake.

Special People Dept.

W.M. “Red” Johnson, of Kentwood, celebrates his 91st birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Laura Barry Lamm celebrates her 90th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 4. She moved to Baton Rouge from Texas in 1960.

Martha Rush, of Williamsburg Retirement Community, celebrates her 90th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Janoma “Miss Nomie” Lambert celebrates her 90th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Louise Beyer Prescott celebrated her 90th birthday on Saturday, Feb. 1.

Ed and Hilda Guedry celebrate 74 years of marriage on Tuesday, Feb.4.

On Monday, Feb. 3, Marguerite and Jesse “Cajun Chef” Dugas, of Paincourtville, celebrated their 63rd anniversary.

Salty question

“Just curious about something,” says Paul Castro, referring to our recent cold snap:

“The DOTD put salt on bridges to keep them from icing.

“We ice down beer in a pirogue, and put rock salt on the ice to keep it from melting.

“Something does not add up. …”

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