Our Views: A five-star city judge

Acquiring in-depth knowledge of judicial reform in Morocco doesn’t justify another pricey trip by Judge Yvette Alexander, and it’s going to enrage the public in East Baton Rouge Parish.

It is not as if Alexander’s taste for publicly funded travel is unknown. She’s been abroad several times in almost 20 years on the City Court bench.

She is Baton Rouge’s five-star judge. As in five-star hotels, in this case the Sofitel in Rabat and the Four Seasons Resort in Marrakech.

Judges in Louisiana are elected and thus answerable to voters, who have returned her to the bench after well-publicized conference travel before, to Jamaica and Italy, not counting piddling domestic trips to Hawaii and elsewhere.

This Morocco trip is sponsored by the National Bar Association. The agenda is not clear, but Alexander’s appearance there on the taxpayer dime is based on her pivotal role as “Continuing Legal Education chairwoman for the conference with respect to judicial sessions.”

We have an idea for a session: the propriety of judges taking public money for junkets at five-star hotels. We don’t know how well it will be attended, given the attractions of the casbah and the golf courses, but it deserves to be.