Some New Year’s resolutions

ANew Year gets us to thinking about time — how much we have left, the brand-new 365 days that loom before us, what we have to do and what we’d like to get done. The trouble with time is, it’s finite and since every society gets only so much, it’s good to resolve how to spend it.

There should never be time for monkeys in snowsuits, Miley Cyrus twerking, goats screaming human screams and all the other global internet nonsense (especially not Miley Cyrus twerking). There should never be time for man tights, or spam — the email kind. There should never be time for Kardashians or Facebook feuds for the simple reason that nobody cares. Remind yourself often in 2014 before you tweet or post.

There should always be time for phone calls and hearing someone’s voice in place of texting. There should always be time for saying what you mean and meaning what you say. There should always be time for a glass of Champagne, because as Napoleon once said, it celebrates victory and consoles us in defeat. There should always be time to write letters because they last a lifetime and are worth the extra 3 cents the U.S. Postal Service is getting ready to charge for them. There should always be time to show your real face — not your selfie — to friends and family. There should always be time to do the right thing and look after those around us because it’s the American Way.

There should always be time for reading the newspaper, because a free press ensures democracy.

That, and a large standing army.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at

We Wish you a Merry Mardi Gras

Buckingham Palace couldn’t possibly have more decorations than this. Krewe of Victoria Queen Tish Johnson started her 12 days to Christmas countdown with a royal repast at her Kings Road home. Both current and past committee chairs were invited to gather for some carefree cocktails ’round a krewe-themed teal and silver tree. Wearing gifts from Prince Albert Gerald Guilbeaux, Her Majesty led the way past marzipan mice to the pool table, converted to royal use with a custom-made tablecloth. “We normally flow,” she said, “but tonight it’s a bit chilly on the terrace.” Perry Stelly did the décor and has for a decade, we’re told, and is nothing short of a head gardener and royal groundskeeper himself. Getting the princely treatment were past queen Sharon Yeomans, Kam and Mazie Movassaghi, Dan and Barbara Bloomer, Santa Claus Brian Johnson, Steve Merckle, J.N. Clark, John Lavin, Ray and Betsy Benoit and Barbara Savoie.


Very few do pretty and polished as well as Victoria, and Brenda Privat was no exception as she hosted the ladies at her Crowley home on Privat Drive for the holidays. Not even wintry weather kept them off the interstate from Lafayette, and braving the elements for some holiday Champagne were usual suspects Sally Burdette, past royalty Sharon Yeomans, Lynn Crochet, Linda Poche, Barbara Savoie, Gail Wilt, Brenda Trahan, present monarch Tish Johnson and Sue Munchrath. The Krewe of Victoria will hold their ball Jan. 25 at the Cajundome.