Smiley: Brush with fame

“The remake of ‘The Sound of Music’ on TV made me recall an incident back in 1990,” says Gene Capeheart:

“Several of us were on a business trip to L.A. and checked into a nice hotel where the concierge offered us limousine service that evening to an Italian grill not far away, which did not require coat/tie.

“As the driver opened the door that night for us on arrival (I was the first one out), I was met with glaring floodlights directed at me — and noticed that I had stepped out on a red carpet.

“Looking up, I saw Julie Andrews and the entire cast of ‘The Sound of Music’ only a few feet away, turning to look at who was exiting the limousine (it was the 25th anniversary of the release of the movie).

“Apparently we did not make much of an impression, since they immediately turned away and the floodlights were directed elsewhere.

“The Italian grill was a few steps away from our dropped-off location next door to the theater.

“The driver of the limousine then proceeded to double over in laughter.

“Although the butt of it, we also enjoyed the joke, and the dinner later!

“However, we had to find our own way back to the hotel.”

Plane talk

Shooter Mullins says, “A note on the sports page said the Saints’ plane broke down in Seattle after the game with the Seahawks.

“Usually if you ‘break the plane’ they call it a touchdown.

“This one might have been called something else.”

Second thought

Speaking of football, Bo Stepp passes along this tale:

“Monday morning an Alabama assistant coach stopped Nick Saban in the hall and asked if he had a second.

“He was fired on the spot.”

Jailhouse edition

Our mention of the post-wedding charivari drew this response from Glen Falgoux, of St. Amant, who says he grew up in the 1950s on River Road in St. James Parish (“the First Acadian Coast”):

At that time, he says, “The charivari was still a French custom in use to annoy couples whose weddings did or did not meet with community approval.

“One story from 1850 Donaldsonville tells of the local newspaper being published from jail due to a charivari.

“The cause was an irate, much older groom who tried to get his much younger bride without the benefit of clergy.

“Instigated by the newspaper, the town interrupted the couple’s first night so much the groom got warrants for the arrest of the editor.

“Thus, the paper was published from the pokey until a judge gave freedom to the press.

“True story.”

Waste not …

Bob Downing reminds us that we are now in the leftover season:

“A few days after Thanksgiving I was rummaging around in the fridge for some leftovers when to my shock and amazement, I opened one of the Cool Whip containers and it contained actual Cool Whip.

“Could be a first.”

Remember Pearl Harbor

The USS Kidd Veterans Memorial marks the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with a “Remembrance Day” ceremony Saturday at 11:55 a.m. (the hour of the attack) on the fantail of the Kidd.

Call (225) 342-1942 or visit

Good Samaritans

Ann Leggett thanks the lady from Florida who stayed with her after an accident until EMS arrived.

Looking for stuff

Pam Bounds’ church school needs labels from Community Coffee’s “Cash for Schools” program, “Box Tops for Education” on Kleenex, Betty Crocker, Hefty, Ziploc, etc., and “Labels for Education” on Campbell’s Soup, Prego, etc.

Mail to Baton Rouge Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 4455 Jones Creek Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70817. Attention: Pam.

Stick it to ’em!

Shlomo Pielstick-Kennedy says, “There have been many TV shows about doctors, but I’ve never seen one about a chiropractor or accupuncturist.

“I think a show where they would have a person lying on a table while someone stuck 30 or 40 little needles into him would be dramatic in the extreme, and would probably win many awards.”

(Good idea, Shlomo — especially if the person getting stuck was a “reality show” producer.)

Love song?

Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Jackson, says, “I love the radio stations playing continuous Christmas music.

“As I’m driving, I’m singing along.

“When I drove up to the pickup window at McDonald’s I was singing, at the top of my voice, ‘All I want for Christmas is YOUUUUU!’

“The look on the young man’s face was priceless.

“I’m not sure he realized I wasn’t singing to HIM.”

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