Patricia Gannon: They’ve been naughty, and not so nice

It’s time once again for The Naughty List, a year-end summary of Society’s Most Wanted.

In the past I’ve always caught most of them dead to rights and like all fugitives, they’ve wised up. Nevertheless, as with most crimes, the bodies won’t stay buried and this year was no different. I had my names by October.

High on the list is the River Ranch retailer who mistakenly overcharged a customer by a hefty amount, but when the patron caught the error before exiting, swore she could only give store credit. Madame, you are the owner and can do whatever you like. There are carneys with more sense of fair play than you and cat burglars less eager to score.

As for the mother who had her toddler propped up at the bar while awaiting a table: I know the E-Trade Baby looks cute wheeling and dealing on TV, but please. If he smokes, take him outside.

Making the list also is a well-known restaurant and their invitation to an expensive distillery dinner that was withdrawn after it was accepted. Your whiskey was safe with me. I only go to work, not mooch the hooch, and that is absolutely no way to be social.

And finally earning top dishonors, the attorney who captioned a tagged Facebook photo of Edwin and Trina Edwards with slurs, profanity and name-calling, then pled not guilty claiming he didn’t know his posts went on society’s wall. We’re a tad concerned when a lawyer doesn’t know liberty and justice for all also extends to formerly-incarcerated governors. We’re also not sure how valuable counsel is when he doesn’t understand the workings of Facebook.

Patricia Gannon covers society for The Acadiana Advocate. She can be reached at or

UL-Lafayette honors Jim Doyle

Not even Black Friday could keep the city from celebrating the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Outstanding Alumni winner Jim Doyle. The Alumni House bled red in his honor, and various VIPs, including former Gov. Kathleen Blanco and husband Raymond reminisced with Doyle — a former UL-Lafayette football player turned oil and gas exec — until the guests arrived. Turning out for the old Alma Mater were university President E.J. Savoie and the missus, Craig and Amanda Doyle, UL Alumni Association’s Jean-Claude Arceneaux, Curtis and Angela Morrison plus their holiday guests Craig and Sylvia Jenkins, who arrived from the Windy City just in time for Lafayette’s Chicago-like cold snap.

The Outstanding Alumni Award is the highest honor the university bestows on its former students, and is given to those who have brought honor and distinction to the university.

2Alexandre Mouton House kicks off Christmas

It’s not really Christmas until Mouton House says it is.

Lafayette’s best holiday party kicked off the season in grand style, adding an outdoor tent, old-fashioneds and bluesy alto Patsy Bienvenu.

Built originally by Jean Mouton, founder of Lafayette in 1824, this old house decks the halls in December for its major fundraiser of the year. Packed tighter than the mall at Christmas time were Peter and Kathy Piccione, Jeanne and Louis Cornay, Virginia Yongue, Walter and Ann Dobie, Betty Lowry, Elizabeth Bernard, Ann Marie and Tommy Hightower, Stuart Clark, and Beth and Eddie Mouton, whose great-great grandfather started the place. “That’s where we all come from,” he said. “Those 12 children.”