Smiley: East Coast eating

Down here, we get a little smug about the quality of our cuisine, especially seafood.

But a recent driving and dining trip to Hilton Head, S.C., convinced Lady Katherine and me that Louisiana has no monopoly on fine fish dishes.

We sampled a fair amount of what the Atlantic Coast has to offer: grouper, snapper, flounder, cod, lobster, clams, crabs, shrimp, oysters etc.

Without exception, our seafood was prepared with expertise that rivaled the best Louisiana has to offer.

At one seafood house, I ordered a “Low Country shrimp boil” — a bucket of shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage.

Figuring it would be bland, I asked the server for a bottle of Tabasco before I was served.

When I got the shrimp, I realized they were perfectly seasoned and plenty spicy, perhaps owing to the fiery sausage they were cooked with.

Our only mistake was in a hotel restaurant our first night in Hilton Head, when we were too tired to go out.

We should have known we were too far from New Orleans to order Oysters Rockefeller, much less Bananas Foster.

The pale imitations we got were a reminder of how well those iconic dishes are done down here.

And in one otherwise excellent seafood place, we passed on the “Louisiana jambalaya” when the menu told us it was “served over rice.”

Good way to drown

I was watching TV when a commercial came on promoting one of those pills guys take when in a romantic mood.

The ad ended with the guy and his lady in a rowboat with a gleam in their eyes.

Seems to me the commercial should have had a warning that romance in a rowboat can be a very hazardous endeavor.

(Don’t ask me how I know. …)

Good Samaritan Dept.

Kirk Elgin says, “I want to pass on a big ‘thank you’ to State Trooper Shelton for stopping to help my wife and me with a flat tire on the side of I-10 Saturday night after the LSU game.

“Trooper Shelton reflects everything that is good about our State Police.

“Sir, your help will not be soon forgotten.”

Drop that candy!

Here’s a cool way to get rid of your kids’ Halloween candy that you don’t want to eat:

Kool Smiles dental office, 3455 Government St., is coordinating “Operation Troop Treats” in Baton Rouge.

Bring in unopened candy from Friday, Nov. 1, to Wednesday, Nov. 6, to be sent to U.S. troops overseas through the Operation Gratitude program.

To encourage little ones to give up their sweets, a toy will be given for every 25 pieces of candy, up to three toys per child.


Drop those books!

Pat Hoth says the purple bins at Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning locations will be picked up on Thursday, Oct. 31, so hurry and drop your books for the Friends of the LSU Libraries’ Book Bazaar on March 20-22. Books may still be dropped off at the Book Barn on River Road Mondays and Wednesdays.

Special People Dept.

Lillian McLean, of Grace Nursing Home in Slaughter, celebrated her 99th birthday Oct. 21.

Lillie B. “Ma Belle” Arcement, of Napoleonville, celebrated her 97th birthday Wednesday, Oct. 23.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, Inez Montz, of Lafayette, celebrated her 97th birthday. She’s a native of Reserve and former resident of Eunice.

Peggy Wooldridge celebrated her 94th birthday Friday, October 25.

Sadie Reagan Spruill, of Old Jefferson Care Center, celebrated her 93rd birthday Monday, Oct. 28.

Tom Blakey, of New Orleans, celebrated his 93 birthday Oct. 22. A World War II veteran with the 82nd Airborne, he jumped into Normandy on D-Day, 1944.

Estelle Smiley, of Pride, celebrated her 90th birthday Wednesday, Oct. 23.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, the Rev. J. T. and Ruby Halley, of Baker, celebrate their 74th anniversary.

Jack and Mary Jones, formerly of Jackson, Miss, celebrated their 72nd anniversary Oct. 18.

On Friday, October 25, Robert “Bob” and Claudine Truett celebrated 66 years of marriage.

Jewel and Millicent “Kitty” Robertson celebrated their 66th anniversary Oct. 13.

Russell T. and Florence Shorr “Bonnie” Hebert, of New Orleans, celebrated their 63rd anniversary Oct. 9. He is a World War II veteran and a retired commercial pilot.

Connie and Junior Taillion, of Gonzales, celebrated 62 years of marriage Sunday, Oct. 27.

Curtis and Annette Simoneaux celebrated their 54th anniversary Thursday, Oct.24.

Illegal smile

Harriet St.Amant says, “Congress could have dealt with marijuana decriminalization two years ago, but failed to act because It would have required them to pass a joint resolution.”

Inquiring Minds Dept.

“Peter Rabbit” wants to know: “Now that BREC has decided to sell alcohol at its golf courses, does that mean golfers can now be hit by drunk drivers?”

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