Smiley: The naked truth

Jaime Bourgeois feels it’s time for a true confession:

“Since you ran an item about sports the other day, I thought I’d mention a record I set which I don’t believe has ever been equaled, let alone broken.

“I believe that to this day I am the only high school boxer in Louisiana who ever entered the ring for a fight, started to remove his robe, and discovered that he had forgotten to put on his trunks.

“It happened in Loreauville in 1949 when I was in the ninth grade at St. Peter’s College in New Iberia.”

Think clandestine

Judy continues our seminar on how to mess with the minds of telemarketers:

“An online friend says her 85-year-old father has fun with those calls.

“He whispers, ‘I told you my wife is home. You’re not supposed to call me at home.’”

(Be careful with this, though, or you might find yourself in a State Farm commercial…)

The long holiday

Algie Petrere tells of going to the gardening department at a Wal-Mart (“or what used to be the gardening department”).

“It was hard to find anything related to gardening because of all the Christmas supplies being put out.

“They should just leave the Christmas decorations out all year. It would save a lot of labor.”

Fishing buddies

In July 2003, Buck Bertrand made an unusual request — he wanted to use this column to find a fishing buddy.

Advocate outdoor editor Joe Macaluso also picked up his request, and Buck says about 20 people responded.

He fished with several of them over the years, but now he finds that his fishing partners have moved, died, etc.

Buck says, “I’m now fully retired, live in Baton Rouge and own an older nice aluminum boat. I fish both fresh and inland salt water during the week — no weekends.”

Call Buck at (225) 774-7588.

Photo finish

Tommy Comeaux of the Pointe Coupee Banner in New Roads, a photographer for 30 years, says the closing of Kadair’s camera store in November will mark “a sad day in Baton Rouge.”

He says Kadair’s, in business nearly 70 years, was “the final haven for the old-school photographers like me who still love their old film cameras, now a dying art form as we become a world filled with people who ‘think’ they are photographers because of the digital age.”

Cool, clear water

“Perhaps the ‘good old days’ were not all that long ago,” Earl C. Johnson says.

“My elderly aunt lives out in the country. The pump on her water well must also be elderly, for when it recently went out of commission, a new part had to be shipped to the local pump company.

“Consequently, she had no water for about 48 hours.

“When the young service man finally got the new pump part installed and the water — cold from her deep well — gushed from the spigot, my aunt told him, ‘This is the most excited I’ve been since we got electricity.’

“The pump man, said my aunt, ‘got a look on his face as if I had come from another planet.’”

Can he cook?

The Young Leaders Academy needs 20-25 cooks to sign up by Oct. 18 for the Nov. 23 “Men Are Cooking” benefit. Call (225) 346-1583 or email

Special People Dept.

Martha Helen Byrd celebrates her 96th birthday Sunday, Oct. 13.

Mary Jim Cloutier, of Morgan City, celebrates her 90th birthday Saturday, Oct. 12.

Lt. Col. Phil and Corinne St.Amant celebrate 73 years of marriage Saturday, Oct. 12.

Harvey and Frances Davis, of Baker, celebrate 70 years of marriage Saturday, Oct. 12.

Spell check

After Buddy Holden told of losing a fourth grade spelling bee because he spelled choir “quire,” Larry Sylvester consulted his dictionary and found that quire is a variant of choir, which he says “vindicates Buddy after all these years.”

(But MY dictionary says quire is an “archaic” spelling of choir — and I don’t think Buddy is THAT old…)

Cry of the thief

Val Garon continues our discussion of marbles games:

“I’m surprised no one mentioned ‘razzoo.’

“We country boys always had to watch for some guy running through the ring and grabbing a bunch of marbles while shouting ‘RAZZOO!’

“Maybe you city boys were more honest?”

Say what?

Marvin Borgmeyer is quick to point out that although these are actual headlines found in real newspapers, none of them came from The Advocate:

“Missippi’s literacy program shows improvement

“Rally against apathy draws small crowd

“Statistics show teen pregnancy drops off significantly after age 25

“Starvation can lead to health hazards

“Agents raid gun shops, find weapons.”

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