Smiley: Good as gold

I don’t usually do stories about my family, but I had to pass this one along.

My nephew, Dr. Judd Anders, a physician in Reno, Nev., has been telling his 4-year-old twin boys, Jakob and Justin, bedtime stories about pirates on Lake Tahoe.

He told them the pirates scuttled their ship when chased by the police, and were thought to have buried their loot somewhere around Emerald Bay.

Later, while the boys were helping him clean out the attic, they came across a treasure map of Lake Tahoe with a site marked with an “X.”

Thrilled by their discovery, the boys got their dad to take them out in their boat to the wrecked “pirate ship” (a sunken barge used for scuba dive training).

The boys and Judd landed near the wreckage and hiked around Emerald Bay, following the map, until they came to a waterfall and a creek.

They found by the creek a rock with an “X” on it.

They dug there, and sure enough, the twins unearthed two small leather bags filled with gold coins.

Judd says the boys are very excited by their treasure — they’ve been telling everybody about it and keep taking out the coins to count them.

That’s great, but it seems to me their most valuable treasure is their imaginative and loving father. …

Divine timing

Micala McMurrian says, “My ‘Uncle Budgie’ (Clayton Mahaffey, LSU ’51) died last week and was buried on Friday.

“He was a longtime LSU fan who once had a satellite phone so he could call his son in Thailand during LSU games.

“After the services, the funeral procession was pulled over to allow another motorcade to pass.

“It was the LSU football team leaving Baton Rouge for Starkville.

“We are still trying to figure out how Budgie managed a ‘drive-by’ from his favorite team!”

Sign of the Apocalypse

Will Grubbs, of New Iberia, says, “When LSU fans wish they had a defense as good as the Saints, can the end be near?”

Sinking feeling

This one slipped by me, probably because I made a C in French at LSU.

Clarence Berteau, of Gonzales, says this about my mention of the Navy’s USS Fond du Lac:

“This is a singularly inappropriate name for any waterborne vessel, considering its meaning.”

Fond du Lac is French for “bottom of the lake.”

But no cracklings!

Dudley Lehew, of Denham Springs, says, “Our Lady of the Lake celebrated the first anniversary of its Walker hospital with free screenings for blood pressure, allergies, stroke assessment and diabetes — and also gave away jambalaya.

“I assume the jambalaya was handed out AFTER the screenings.”

Worthy causes

A “Rally for the Cure” breast cancer fundraiser will be held Oct. 19 by the Grand Ridge Ladies Golf Association at the Grand Ridge Golf Club in Luling. Contact Maxine Covert at (985) 785-9063 or club pro Fernando Ritzman at (985) 308-1640.

Special People Dept.

Blanche Toups, a longtime New Orleans resident now in Metairie, celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday.

John “Jack” Fox Jr., of New Orleans, celebrates his 90th birthday Tuesday. He is a World War II veteran, a retired lawyer and a tennis player.

Merle and Doyle Wilging celebrate their 69th anniversary Tuesday.

Lynn and Betty Dixon, of Prairieville, celebrated their 63rd anniversary Monday.

Gordon “Curly” and Rae Q. Tullier, of Port Allen, celebrated 62 years of marriage Thursday.

Donald and Betty Landry, of Napoleonville, celebrated their 50th anniversary Saturday.

Corn by Canova

James Allen, of Marrero, still remembers the old jokes on radio comedy shows.

Many of the corniest ones were courtesy of Judy Canova.

James says, “She was an opera-trained singer who found she could make more money as a country comedian and singer.”

He cites these examples from her show:

Ma: “The garbage man is here.”

Pa: “Just tell him to leave two pails.”


Pa: “This hot water bottle you bought to keep my feet warm ain’t no good.”

Ma: “What’s wrong with it?”

Pa: “I can’t get my feet in that little hole.”

Take that, Junior!

Carl Enna, of Little Rock, says his new favorite T-shirt is the one that says, “I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands.”

Finger-licking good

Basil Hendry offers this “Only in Louisiana” thought:

“Why Brees licks his fingers: Zatarain’s!”

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