Smiley: It ain’t over…

Danny Brown reminds us that in the ’50s and early ’60s, when coach Paul Dietzel was having success at LSU, the style of football was very conservative by today’s standards:

“With the passing of coach Dietzel, I thought I might relay the following memory:

“Through college at LSU and for more than 20 years afterwards, I shot photographs from the sidelines of Tiger football games.

“During his time as athletic director, I got to meet and come to know him.

“In 2008, my book on Pete Maravich and his autobiography, ‘Call Me Coach,’ were both published by LSU Press.

“Because of this, we did a lot of book signings together.

“During a lull at one signing, we were talking about my days as a kid religiously listening to LSU games on the radio.

“I said, ‘Coach, I am probably the only man in the state who will admit that not only was I NOT in the stadium the night Billy Cannon made his famous punt return, but I didn’t even hear it on the radio!

“‘I got so disgusted with your “run, run, punt” routine, I gave up and went to bed by the end of the third quarter!’

“I told him it taught me a valuable lesson about never quitting on my team.”

Quick sale

Darrell Davis says, regarding our party line seminar:

“I grew up in rural Oklahoma, and when we finally got a phone it was a party line.

“It was a well-known secret that basically everyone listened in on everyone else’s calls.

“One time my Uncle Allen was quietly listening in as two men negotiated the sale of a shotgun.

“The men went back and forth on the price and Allen quietly listened. Finally he couldn’t take it any longer and shouted into the phone, ‘I’ll take it!’ ”

Deprived childhood

Laure Van Kerkhove says, “On a recent Saturday evening, my grandchildren Alyssa and Luc and I went to the school where I teach to finish up my lesson plans for the upcoming week.

“As we were walking down the hallway, glancing side-to-side at the empty, dark classrooms, I remarked, ‘I suppose I’m the only one not watching the LSU game.’

“Four-year-old Luc gloomily added, ‘And Lukey and Alyssa.’ ”

Suddenly last season

George Lane gives us this capsule comment on the LSU-Georgia football game:

“LSU looked like the Saints against Georgia. But while Zach began to resemble Brees, LSU’s defense looked the Saints’ defense — of last year.”

Economic report

L.P. Miller says, “Why all the fuss about government shutdown, default, unpaid bills, financial frenzy? After all, it’s not our money we’re talking about. It’s China’s.”

Language lesson

Jennifer Tenhundfeld adds to Dr. George Bourgeois’ list of new meanings for old words:

“Surf the Web: This has nothing to do with ocean waves or spiders. Surfing refers to riding waves of information across the web of virtual connections created by the Internet of digital information.

“Cloud: The nebulous place ‘out there’ where all this digital info is stored.”

And Daphne Crawford adds the term “hot mess:”

“Not to be confused with ‘a mess of greens’ simmering on the stove, it seems to be the new catch phrase for either an emotional breakdown, a disheveled-looking individual or a chaotic situation. I’ve personally used it a time or two recently.”

Happy returns

Stephen Gantz says, “I had the pleasure of bumping into one of my students from several years back at the McDonald’s on Florida by Baton Rouge Community College.

“Ebony Rogers was there to hand over a smart phone to a stranger. She had found it at the college.

“You might want to give her a shout-out.” (Indeed I do. …)

Special People Dept.

Emma H. Major, of Lakeview Manor in New Roads, celebrates her 99th birthday Wednesday.

On Wednesday Edna Baxter, of Denham Springs, celebrates her 90th birthday.

Carolyn “Punkin” and Michael Landaiche, of Sunshine, celebrate 65 years of marriage Wednesday.

Thought for the Day

From Jack Belcher, of Clinton: “On turning 70, you can still chase women, but only downhill.”

Sign language

Marvin Borgmeyer claims to have seen this on a billboard for Hallmark greeting cards:

“Face it. You’ll never come up with anything clever on your own!”

Code blue

Shirley Flenikien offers this tale of technology run amok:

“I used to work in a busy office, and when the computer went down, it caused quite an inconvenience.

“Once one of our computers not only crashed, but it also made a noise that sounded like a heart monitor.

“‘This computer has flat-lined,’ a co-worker called out with mock horror. ‘Does anyone here know how to do mouse-to-mouse?’ ”

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