Smiley: Name that generation

You’ve heard of Generation X, Generation Y, etc., and now we have a name for a somewhat more mature generation.

Norman Saurage says Dr. Mark Waggenspack was at his morning workout when, “sizing up his fellow gym worker-outers, he pronounced that those pre-World War II babies are the ‘De-generation.’”

Love lights

The “Gonzales Lights” of the past are explained by “Olde Guy,” who says, “Light Lane was mistakenly renamed Roddy Road by the powers that be.

“It will always be Light Lane to those who grew up there in the ’50s and ’60s.

“I’ve seen a lot of things on Light Lane, and one of them may have well been a light.

“It was country folks’ answer to submarine races.

“A lot of city boys and girls would hunt for the light after a night at Cal’s or the Bantam Club.”

Geography lesson

Richard Guidry, of Zachary, says, “To answer your reader’s question about the location of the Gonzales Lights, to the best of my recollection it was somewhere between first and second base.”

The Mud Warrior

Susie says she found a hero on Saturday morning when her car got stuck in a “mud pit” on Stuart Avenue:

“I asked this very kind gentleman, Marvin Lyons, if he had any suggestions on how to get out of the mud.

“He directed me about what to do, and started pushing my car. Next time I looked he was completely covered in mud, but still pushing.

“Needless to say, he and my car looked as though they had been mud riding.

“Thanks to Mr. Lyons the adventure was a success. People passing by were honking and clapping at the completion of the event.”

Cheers South

Dr. Richard Robin says reader comments about the old Bright Star restaurant and bar in New Orleans “gave me cause to wax nostalgic.

“I lived just across Burdette Street from the Bright Star in 1962-64. It was run by Bob and Elaine, husband and wife.

“In addition to wonderful oyster, shrimp, and hamburger po-boys, Elaine served great daily plates — 65 cents could purchase delicious red beans and rice or crawfish stew.

“The nightly cast of characters at the bar was delightful. I remember the gentleman with both arms in plaster casts who sipped his beer through a straw, and Rose, whose alcohol-fueled depression caused her to repeatedly play ‘Rambling Rose’ on the juke box. Thanks for the memory.”

Got earplugs?

John L. Tarver wonders if anything can be done to “correct the overbearing sound system in Tiger Stadium.

“From our position in the south end zone last Saturday, it was not the selection of music that was disturbing, but the over-amplified, high-pitch treble that made it sound like the world’s largest transistor radio.

“I know the university has fallen on hard times. And so, in the spirit of public-minded self-sacrifice, I am willing to donate the sound system from my ’72 AMC Gremlin as an upgrade.”

Breaking bad

Buck Blouin, of Prairieville, comments on a recent news story: “I know Louisiana is considered last or backward in many things, but crashing through the gates to break INTO prison — now that’s backward!”

A matter of respect

“A Husband Who Cares,” from Covington, offers a telephone etiquette suggestion:

“When a fellow calls a friend and his wife answers, don’t just say ‘Is Sam home?’

“Hopefully, you know the wife’s name, and should say, ‘Mary, how are you?’ or some greeting, then ask for Sam.

“This will make the wife feel she isn’t just someone to answer the phone.”

Looking for people

Lois Petrilak says she and her husband are in a senior bowling group at Circle Bowl that meets Mondays at 12:45 p.m.

The “very relaxed” group is looking for new members.

Go to

Special People Dept.

On Thursday, Albert C. Mills Jr., of Zachary, is 100. Friends and family will gather Saturday to celebrate with him.

Who asked you, kid?

Joan N. Barré, of Metairie, gives an example of why we love those darling children:

“When I joined the East Jefferson Hospital Wellness Center, I told my 6-year-old granddaughter Kelly I was attending exercise classes.

“She listened as I explained the various programs offered at the center.

“After I completed my explanation she asked, ‘Joanie, are all of the old people who go to exercise short and crinkled?’”

Weapons supplier

Bob Downing says our mention of tablets, pencils, etc., handed out in schools brought to mind the Golden Rule rulers he used to give students.

Bob reminds me that years ago a lady wrote to me about Bob giving her children rulers after complimenting her on their good behavior on a plane.

She told me that as soon as Bob was out of sight they started hitting each other with them.

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