“Faith Matters” column for Sept. 9, 2013

All Michael Phillips wants is to do all that God has called him to do.

Phillips’ latest mission started last summer when he gave his truck to a complete stranger in a store parking lot.

“It was an emotional thing for both of us, and God used that to begin this whole thing in me. I just decided that I knew what God wanted me to do was to leave behind the comfortable things I rely on and do this,” Phillips said.

And that is leaving his high-level position at an award-winning architectural firm in Baton Rouge to form All In, an organization dedicated to promoting his Christian faith.

“Being all in is that daily surrender to God instead of yourself. All in is different for every single one of us,” he said.

Phillips, 38, said God had been dealing with him on matters of faith for weeks leading up the parking-lot incident. When he saw the man’s vehicle stalled, Phillips said he acted on his faith to put his trust in God and not in things.

“The whole time there was a voice in my head saying, ‘Give him your truck. Give him your truck,’ ” he said.

The incident provided the impetus for Phillips to start All In, which will address fears, misconceptions and stereotypes of Christianity.

“Christians are labeled as hypocrites and intolerant, judgmental,” he said. “A lot of people grow up thinking it’s about rules or church or religion. But none of those things is what God says about being a Christian. I’ve struggled to get that message across to people.”

All In is about having a “genuine conversation where faith is discussed and displayed,” said Phillips, who leads classes at Abundant Life Church in