Smiley: French-speaking Tiger

Elaina Snow, of Luling, says our tale of the guy in Georgia who thought “Geaux Tigers” was “Gee Ox Tigers” brought a smile to her face:

“In 2002, when LSU played Illinois in the Sugar Bowl, my son (an LSU alum) wore a Tiger suit to the game.

“In the wee hours of the morning, after the LSU win, I was grabbing a burger at Denny’s in Metairie, and who should walk in but my son in his Tiger suit with his fiancée!

“There were several Illinois fans in the restaurant, and they jumped up and hollered, ‘Look! It’s the LSU Tiger!’

“They ran up to him to get his autograph, shoving anything from programs to the backs of their Denny’s bill at him.

“My son wrote, ‘Geaux Tigers! Mike the Tiger.’

“When the Illinois fans got their autographs, they looked very puzzled and said, ‘Gux Tigers! What is that?’

“They looked at him like he had three heads when he said it meant ‘Go.’

“He said, ‘It’s French, man; You wouldn’t understand! It’s a Louisiana thing!’

“We have had many a laugh about that evening …

Nawthun exposure

Millie Caldwell notices something missing on our new weather map:

“The first thing I would read every morning was the Toronto temperature.

“I am a naturalized citizen ­— born in Ontario, Canada, and grew up there. I have family and friends in the Toronto area.

“What happened to the Toronto temperature?”

Well, Millie, we do run the Montreal temperature, but I suppose that’s not much consolation.

And I’m with you — I like to read Canadian temperatures in winter, just to feel warmer.

The billiards room

Algie Petrere says about our discussion of powder rooms: “In restaurants, I’m always just thrilled if they are clean.

“But I’m sure you’ll hear from other ladies who have been to Branson, Mo., that the women’s restroom in the Shoji Tabuchi Theater has to be the most beautiful anywhere.

“It has onyx sinks and stained glass and crystal chandeliers. There are flowers everywhere … an orchid by each sink.

“I understand the men’s room is just as elaborate. (I was only brave enough to peek inside long enough to see a billiards table).”

Unexpected pleasure

Glen Falgoux, of St. Amant, says he wants to add this to my “highbrow discourse of best public powder rooms.”

He says the car repair business is an industry not known for its fine restrooms, “but one that has perfected competition for the baddest.”

However, he highly recommends checking out the powder room at Keith McAllister’s Precision Tune Auto Care on Sherwood Forest Boulevard.

He says Keith is “no ordinary fellow, but one who knows the secret to business and profit through a woman’s senses.”

Flat nice people

Mary Tircuit tells of her encounter with “highway saints” when a blowout stranded her and her daughter on the interstate one Saturday morning, interrupting a shopping excursion:

“A man pulled over to offer help, and took our spare to a gas station to air it up.

“Not long after that, two MAP (Motorist Assistance Patrol) trucks pulled over to help. Pam and Britt took off the blown-out tire and waited until the guy got back with our spare, which they put on.

“I know their names because my husband Matt is also a MAP worker.

“These guys do this as a job, but they feel good helping others. Please be careful when you see them on the side of the road. They are performing a service we should all be thankful for.”

Looking for stuff

Jessica Ottaviano of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra says musical instruments, in any condition, are needed for Scotlandville Middle Pre-Engineering Academy and Belaire High. They can be delivered to the Symphony offices, 7330 Highland Road, or Zeagler Music, 7003 Florida Blvd. If you don’t have instruments, donations of money will be cheerfully accepted. Deadline for donations is Oct. 1.

Call (225) 383-0500, ext. 106, or email

Special People Dept.

On Tuesday Earline and Norris Arceneaux, of St. Amant, celebrate their 67th anniversary.

Gerald and Carolyn Murray celebrated 50 years of marriage Sunday.

Thought for the Day

From James Allen, of Marrero: “Never eat in a restaurant named ‘Mom’s’ unless the only other restaurant in town is named ‘Eats.’ ”

Coin that word

Mariano Hinojosa says, “When my daughter was 5 she asked why there were so many traffic snarls in Baton Rouge.

“I explained that often drivers on both sides of the highway slow down to get a good look at a car wreck.

“I told her that this activity is called ‘rubber-necking,’ and it causes traffic to ‘bottle up’ and then continue at a slow crawl.

“Ever since, she has called drivers who slow down to see the aftermath of a traffic accident ‘bottle-neckers.’”

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