Pat Shingleton’s Weather News for Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our weekend thundershowers triggered reminders of a childhood event. Prior to a strong thunderstorm, we would stash makeshift battleships and destroyers either in or outside the garage. A couple of pieces of two-by-fours replicated the hull of the ship, and by nailing additional scrap pieces to the hull we were able to replicate the needed vessel. Ten-penny nails angled into the sides of the boat had us believing that they looked exactly like the guns on a battleship. While our ships were in “dry dock,” a strong thunderstorm sent a river of water over Longview Drive with enough force to carry the boats onto Brighton Road. It was fun, while it lasted, as complaints from neighbors found Tommy Ferruchie’s Gas Station extremely busy replacing and repairing punctured tires. Fastcast: More storms.