Smiley: School and smiles

Nawthun exposure

Bob Downing was concerned about the news that the state is paying a Wisconsin firm $871,000 to train DHH staff for hurricane emergencies:

“How many hurricanes do they have in Wisconsin? Could Louisiana get a million-dollar contract advising Wisconsin how to make cheese?”

No, Bob, that would be silly.

Actually, we’re sending a group of fishermen from Plaquemines Parish up there to teach them ice-fishing. ...

This is news?

Mike Humble figures he found the ultimate “slow news day” headline in Saturday’s Advocate:

“Couldn’t help but laugh at the headline ‘Traffic delays likely on College Drive.’ Really?”

Rock and Rolaids

Elise Kaufman comments on our mention of rock stars entering their 70s:

“I guess you could say that those guys no longer drop acid; they drop antacid!”

Local heroes

Bob Brumberger congratulates Baton Rouge basketball players who did well in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland.

Dwight Smith’s team won a silver medal in the 80-plus division, while his son Terry’s team came away with the gold in the 60-plus division.

Says Bob, “Dwight’s Baton Rouge teammates included Bill Stracener, and Terry’s local teammates included Joe Donchess and Ed Palubinskas.”

Happy returns

Amy Crane says, “My daughter and I are very grateful to a kind person who found her wallet in the parking garage at Perkins Rowe and put it under our windshield wiper.

“My daughter had the wallet hanging from a belt loop, and I assume it was torn off when she squeezed out of the car door (I might have parked rather close on that side of the car).

“Her cash, debit card and license were all still there when we came back after a movie.

“Once again, proof that we live in a city full of kind and honest people!”

Lafayette connection

Boogie Wynne adds to our recollections of Lafayette in the ’50s:

“The place on Jefferson Street mentioned by a reader was ‘Da Wabbit,’ like Elmer Fudd called Bugs Bunny.

“And Borden’s Ice Cream Parlor is still there, but the street it is on isn’t Oak — that end of the street was renamed a part of Jefferson in the ’70s.”

Worthy causes

A “Casting for a Cure” bass tournament and auction Saturday at Morrison Parkway in New Roads raises funds for cancer research. The tournament on False River is from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call Tanner Pourciau at (225) 955-2460.

Special People Dept.

Jack and Mary Cutrer celebrated 63 years of marriage Monday.

Pat and Ronnie Domas celebrated their 50th anniversary Saturday.

Welcome mat

Joe Balfour tells of a New Orleans church with a sign in front where sermon topics were posted:

“One week it stated that the topic would be ‘The Sexual Revolution.’

“At the bottom was the church’s motto: ‘All are welcome.’”

Dark humor

“Old Brusly Fan” says, “These new tagless shirts are great until you are an old guy trying to put one on in the dark.”

(If you’re getting dressed in the dark and in a hurry, you must not be THAT old …)

Where truth goes to die

Terry and Stacey Sweatfield announce the winners in Sunday’s “Feast For All Liars” contest, held as part of festivities to mark their first year as owners of The Patio Lounge.

Winners’ names were not revealed, in keeping with the Patio’s status as a stealth saloon. (It doesn’t even have a sign.)

Third place: “My wife says I can go to The Patio any time I want and stay as long as I want.”

Second place: “I heard one of the regulars say ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question.”

And the first place winner: “I’ve got a flashlight and a son-in-law at the house, and they both work!”

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