Smiley: Beer vs. books

Dear Smiley: Regarding names of various establishments, what LSU student in the late ’60s, early ’70s can forget “The Library?”

I remember having a mycology class with a Greek professor that was scheduled for three hours on Thursday afternoons.

Another grad student and I mentioned going to “The Library” after class, and were overheard by “Dr. A.”

He insisted we leave early and go to the library.

Of course, he was thinking Middleton Library.

We were able to successfully pull this ruse off for a few class sessions, until a classmate exposed us.

Needless to say, we were in class until the 4:30 p.m. bell the rest of the semester.

Side note: I must have done all right in class; later in life I became department head in that very department.


Baton Rouge

Things to be missed

Dear Smiley: After the demise of my Lady Carolyn, I had to move back to Arkansas.

I did not want to leave Baton Rouge because of my four grandchildren there, but had no choice.

I did enjoy my years down by “da bayou,” with all the colorful people and the delicious food.

I don’t miss the crazy drivers, mainly because there are just as many here who do not observe speed limits, stop signs, red lights, bicycle lanes, turn signals, et cetera.

The one thing we do have here that you don’t have there is hills … small comfort.

I miss the checkout lady at the Albertson’s who called me her “Baby.”

I miss Perkins Road and all the cool little businesses along there, like Cottonwood Books and Mud & Metal, Bolton’s Health Mart and Bet-R.

I better stop before I start cryin’ — see ya in the funny papers.


Little Rock, Ark.

Dear Doug: I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll stop contributing to the column.

Your musings are always welcome here, old friend …

Silky the candidate

Dear Smiley: Nice tribute to Silky Sullivan.

My husband, Tom, and I have known him for 30 years.

Tom was Silky’s manager when he ran for the aforementioned offices (Congress and Louisiana’s lieutenant governor).

I gave him the campaign slogan, “I want your vote, not your money.”

He was a generous, fun guy. We had a lot of fun together.

He will be missed by many.


New Orleans

The retiring kind

Dear Smiley: Thank you for enhancing my vocabulary.

During my third year of retirement, I learned the meaning of your often-used word “curmudgeon.”

During my first year of retirement, I learned not to speak when my husband, Buddy, was reading The Advocate while drinking coffee at the kitchen table.

During my second year of retirement, I learned that Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn are not fictional characters, but actually live in my home.

Any suggestions as to what I’ll learn as I begin my fourth year of retirement?



Dear Karen: I’m not an expert on retirement, since I have nothing to retire FROM …

Creative flattery

Dear Smiley: I know you certainly wouldn’t make this known on your own: however, our Sunrise Rotary’s silent auction held during our annual “Beer, Bands & BBQ” fundraiser for Uniforms for Kids doubled the amount from last year’s efforts — no doubt because your latest book, “Smiley! A Laughing Matter,” was one of the articles offered to the highest bidder.

And, not to name drop, but Ursula Carmena was the winner!

Thanks again for all you do to help our community.


Baton Rouge

Dear Buddy: OK, enough already — you have your book for next year’s auction …

Bare theology

Dear Smiley: My 90-year-old mom, Margie H. Jordan, moved to an assisted living facility last week.

A chaplain came by and was visiting with her.

She noticed he was follicularly challenged, as in not a hair on his head.

When he made the affirmation that the Lord knows the number of every hair on her head, she looked at his head and said, “And I bet he has a hard time with you.”

He said, “Yes, ma’am. I shaved it this morning.”


Denham Springs

The write stuff

Dear Smiley: When I was getting started in journalism, the profession had just switched from quill pens to manual typewriters.

When you started in your profession, weren’t they making the same kind of switch, from stone tablets to quills?



Dear Russ: Yes — and what of it?

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