Smiley: Guys will be guys

Sarah Stravinska, of Chesnut in Natchitoches Parish, says our reader’s lament about men not dressing up reminds her that “even if you dress ’em up, they still don’t behave for long.

“My husband and I went with another couple to dinner and the ballet in Shreveport. Guys were spiffed up and behaved.

“After enduring the ballet they wanted to go to the Home Depot. We ladies figured they had been good, so why not.

“That was the first step down from our ‘classy’ evening.

“Then on the way home a deer ran into the side of our truck.

“The men got out, dragged the deer into the truck bed, then drove to the home of some 16-year-old girl who gutted and dressed the deer in record time.

“So we had packs of deer meat and filthy, happy men — with all attempts at civilization completely eradicated.”

Wake-up call

I was checking my Advocate email on my home computer late Friday night.

Mrs. Anders, suffering from a head cold, had gone to bed.

I saw a note from David Couvillon, of Brusly, responding to our series on train songs.

He claimed that an attachment revealed “the greatest ‘train’ song ever recorded.”

I did not realize that the sound on my computer was not only on, but at full volume.

So when I clicked on the attachment, Frankie Laine blasted out “Mule Train” in his big voice — and my spouse was suddenly jarred awake, convinced that we were being invaded by rampaging mules …

Oh well, it COULD have been Frankie singing “Blazing Saddles.”

Speaking of which

When we expanded our train song series to include the chants of workers on the railroad tracks, we heard from Carl Enna, of Little Rock, who says that after watching the PBS series on Mel Brooks, “I found myself humming that railroad ditty by the track-laying gang in the Brooks’ classic ‘Blazing Saddles.’ ”

You know, the song that starts, ”I get no kick from champagne …”

Close to paradise

After Wendy Rasmussen told of plans to bring Nebraska’s famed Runza meat pie to Baton Rouge, JiJi Jonas expressed her pleasure:

“Last week my husband Larry and I were in Dorchester, Neb., to attend his 50th high school reunion.

“Every time we go to Nebraska our two ‘have to haves’ are a Runza and a Blizzard.

“Of course we always add Tabasco to our Runza, so if Wendy adds maybe Tony’s, I am sure they would be a hit.

“We now have a Dairy Queen, and if we get Runzas — what more can you want?”

An omen?

Keith Horcasitas says he was driving to New Orleans on Interstate 10 when, “Lo and behold, all of a sudden a wounded alligator in the road started snapping around with its big jaw in all directions!”

Through his rear view mirror, Keith observed that “the lively reptile did not make it successfully across to the other side,” because although he missed the beast, the 18-wheeler behind him did not.

The 18-wheeler that dispatched the alligator was bearing an LSU bumper sticker, and Keith can’t help but wondering if this is some sort of omen about this fall’s football contest involving the Tigers and the Florida Gators.

Northern exposure

Haskell Douglas says the North of Choctaw Club holds the annual Old North Baton Rouge Reunion from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on July 11 at the Belle of Baton Rouge Atrium.

Those attending are asked to bring nonperishable food items for the Great Baton Rouge Food Bank, and to be sure to sign in to get an accurate count of the attendance. (The event draws several hundred people.)

Haskell invites you to meet and greet, eat, drink, and maybe try your luck at the Belle. Call him at (225) 274-6060, Wayne Price at (225) 333-6280 or Jim Carruth at (337) 652-7325.

Special People Dept.

Ronald and Hazel Scioneaux, of St. James, celebrate 59 years of marriage Wednesday.

Emmett and Virgie LeBlanc celebrate their 58th anniversary Wednesday.

Striking story

Mike Lukacin comments on Pat Shingleton’s weather column about Major Summerfield, who got struck by lightning several times and even had lightning strike his tomb:

“Do you think Pat can enlighten us on what poor Major Summerfield did to deserve the lightning strikes?

“Many of us might have to change our ways.”

Title bout

Loren Scott responds to my comment about titles designed to boost the ego:

“My wife, Peggy, and I decided to take a cue from the North Koreans and change the titles of our positions in Loren C. Scott & Associates Inc.

“Instead of president, I am now Supreme Leader.

“Rather than secretary-treasurer, Peggy is now Magnificent Comrade.

“Oddly, when at the house, she insists on retaining her title — while I have become ‘Hey you!’ ”

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